Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up—here are some shopping quotes to inspire your pre-holiday sprees!

By Stacey Leasca
November 12, 2018
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Black Friday is a pretty polarizing holiday. For some, it's an abomination that ruins the Thanksgiving spirit. For others, like serious shoppers who love a great deal, it’s the day to end all holidays.

As soon as the fall foliage starts to change colors, deal seekers everywhere start to plan their Black Friday strategy. For some, that means planning how to take advantage of Black Friday cyber deals, while others kick it old-school and map out their shopping route throughout town.

No matter how or where you shop, we believe this is a holiday worth celebrating (Amazon released its Black Friday deals early if you want to start now even). After all, it can help you score the perfect gift for a loved one at an affordable price and may even leave you with enough left over to gift yourself something nice as well.

So, before you set your alarm to wake up for those doorbuster deals and before you bookmark every website you plan to hit up for unprecedented sales, check out these quotes about shopping that will get you excited for the best shopping holiday of the year. Here’s hoping you get to be in front of the line.

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