A printable grocery list of everything you'll need for this feast.

Toasted pine nuts give green beans a nutty crunch. Get the recipe.
| Credit: Mikkel Vang

Besides the fact that an entire feast’s worth of grocery bags is too much for one woman to carry―or one trunk to hold―you’re more likely to forget a key ingredient or encounter ransacked shelves if you try to buy everything in one go at the last minute.

A month before Thanksgiving, make a master list of what you’ll need, then divide it into what’s perishable (dairy products, eggs, produce) and what’s not (canned goods, spices, baking ingredients). Buy everything that won’t spoil as far in advance as you can. Return for the turkey, the herbs, and the cheeses a few days before you begin cooking.

Here is a shopping list of the ingredients for the Back-to-Basics Thanksgiving Menu as well as a blank shopping list for your own recipes.