For eaters of all generations, this may be the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you’re in hot pursuit of new Thanksgiving recipes to please every palate (yes, you can make your vegan cousin happy!) or you’re focused on decorating the table in a whole new way, we have the advice and strategies you crave. And because we all know Thanksgiving is not just about the moment of truth, but the many moments leading up to it (and how to pack away the leftovers later), we have timelines, shopping lists, organizing advice, and play-by-play plans to make sure the season is filled with lots more joy than stress. Experienced hosts can find fresh inspiration, those new to the role can get all the lessons they need—and a guest who wants to wow ’em with a stunning side dish will find a vast array of options. It’s all here, from soup to nuts. Or rather, from soup to stuffed mushrooms to mashed potatoes to green beans to turkey to cranberry sauce to apple pie. Hungry yet?

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Spaghetti Squash Parmesan

Spaghetti squash is a pretty incredible veggie: when roasted, it turns into pasta-like strands (the perfect vessel for cheese and sauce). When halved and hollowed out, the squash becomes its own bowl, which you can pile the cheesy squash mixture back into. Store-bought marinara sauce means minimal hands-on time, and the crispy breadcrumbs add some delicious crunch on top. Basically, we’ve created a vegetarian-friendly neighborhood Italian favorite: and we cannot stop raving about it. Make it on a weeknight for the family (they’ll start requesting it often), on Saturday night for guests, or as a festive vegetarian holiday main. If your market only has small squashes, don’t fret! Buy two and follow the recipe as written, dividing the mixture between four halves, instead of two.

Squash and Caramelized Onion Whole-Wheat Twist 

A festive vegetarian dish that also doubles as a centerpiece? Sold! This striking seeded twist is easy to make thanks to store-bought pizza dough. The caramelized onions are rich and buttery, and the hint of sage makes this perfectly in-season. Take your pick between popular butternut squash for color (shown here), or knobby, oddly-shaped celery root (aka celeriac) that tastes like parsley and celery had a baby. If you’re going the celeriac route, here’s a trick on how to peel it. Trim the top and bottom, and cut vertically down the sides of the vegetable, slicing all the way around to reveal its pale interior.