How to Organize and Store Your Holiday Decor

When it's time to untrim the tree and take down the stockings, Simply host Haley Cairo has the perfect system for storing all your holiday decorations safely.

Decorating the house for the holidays is fun. But undecorating everything and storing it away for another season? Not exactly tops on anyone's list of to-dos.

Fortunately, Simply host Haley Cairo has some smart solutions to make stashing all your holiday decor easier. She starts by using soft holiday decor (think towels, pillow covers, and more) to surround breakable items to help avoid chips and breakage. (You can also reuse and recycle bubble wrap, peanuts, and other wrappings from any shipped gifts to help protect your valuables.)

Consider upgrading from your standard cardboard boxes to provide additional protection for your holiday decorations, as many dedicated holiday decor storage solutions are made of water-resistant materials like polypropylene. Using colorful red and green bins makes it easier to pick out your holiday decor in a crowded storage area.

Here are Haley's holiday storage MVPs that you might want to check out.

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Vencer Red Drawer Christmas Ornament Storage

Red Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Pull-out drawers make it easy to see what you have and bring out each drawer when you're decorating (or undecorating). The velcro-attached storage can be shifted to accommodate larger or oddly shaped ornaments.

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Wreath Storage Box

Christmas Wreath Storage Container

This round, water-resistant container is generously sized to keep your favorite wreaths safe and ready for the next holiday season.

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Wrapping Paper Storage

Wrapping Paper Storage

This sleek wrapping paper storage bin has pockets to keep ribbons, bags, and bows neatly stashed. It stows easily under a bed, and has a carry handle so you can tote it to wherever you're doing your gift wrapping.

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Christmas Light Storage

Christmas Lights Storage

Minimize your set-up time next season by properly storing your lights now. This storage system has three reels that you can wrap your strings of lights around to keep them tangle-free and ready to go.

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Christmas Tree Storage

Christmas Tree Storage

Make your artificial tree easier to lug in and out of storage with a heavy-duty bag with wheels that let you roll it where you need it.

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