Findings from this new survey from OpenTable will inspire you to book a Mother’s Day reservation ASAP.

By Maggie Seaver
Updated April 25, 2019
Getty Images

Sometimes showing someone you care is as simple as setting your phone aside and sharing an intimate meal. Whether they’re a BFF, boyfriend, or Mom, the people who love you most deserve some genuine one-on-one time with you. So while buying Mom an amazing Mother’s Day gift will never go out of style (or unappreciated), remember that the simple things you do for her come Mother’s Day are often the most priceless—literally and figuratively.

According to a recent survey by online reservation booking service OpenTable, nearly one third of participants say sharing a meal together is the most meaningful Mother’s Day gift, closely followed by thoughtful conversation (28 percent). And when asked their main motivation for dining with Mom, 58 percent say it’s to show they care, and 57 percent answered it’s to catch up and reconnect.

By the way, texting at the table while Mom glares at you over her arugula salad doesn’t count. In the same survey, OpenTable polled respondents about phone use and etiquette while eating with others. While 97 percent admit they’ve used their phone while dining with others, 73 percent agree a Mother’s Day meal is the number-one dining occasion where phone use is simply not cool.

Don’t worry: If you happen to whip your phone out at the table, Mom will likely bust you for it. Forty percent of respondents admit they’ve gotten a Mom talking-to about using their phone at a meal, with 66 percent of those survey-takers citing, “it’s rude,” as her reasoning for the lecture (as if she needs to explain herself).

So if you’re a little strapped for cash or feeling uninspired in the gift department, show Mom how much she means to you by booking a reservation (or impressing her with a home-cooked meal!), ditching your phone, and spending some serious quality time with her.

Need Mother’s Day meal ideas? OpenTable just launched #DiningMode, a national campaign urging diners to share an unplugged meal with Mom this Mother’s Day. 500 OpenTable restaurants are getting involved, too, with some spots even handing out complimentary drinks and desserts to participating diners. (But apparently 81 percent of diners book Mother’s Day reservations two weeks in advance—so you might want to hurry!)