Kissing at 12:00 is great. But this year, consider borrowing one of these fun good luck traditions instead.

By Hannah Norling
Updated December 22, 2016
Champagne and grapes on New Year's Eve
Credit: caroljulia/Getty Images
Champagne and grapes on New Year's Eve
Credit: caroljulia/Getty Images

Eat 12 Grapes in the First Minute

At the stroke of midnight, people in Spain traditionally ate a dozen grapes within the first minute of the New Year—with the aim of securing good fortune for the 12 months ahead. See if you’re up for the challenge, or go for a twist and try a grape infused cocktail instead.

Bring Gifts to Your Neighbors

The First Footing is a Scottish tradition where a neighbor or friend brings gifts to your home after midnight. As the “first foot” through your door, the offering is thought to bring financial prosperity and good cheer to the household.

Jump Waves

If you’re spending New Year’s by the beach, consider celebrating like the Brazilian Spiritists do. During their celebration, the group is known to jump seven waves for good luck. You can make a wish on each wave you jump, which might just make it your luckiest beach trip ever.

Think About What’s Underneath

Some South American countries keep their undergarments in mind when celebrating the New Year. Yup, you read that right. It’s all about what’s under your clothes that matters. Red is thought to bring love, yellow undies bring good fortune, and green brings financial luck. Keep that in mind when digging through your underwear drawer on December 31.

Eat Donuts

The Dutch often eat pastries called olie bollen on New Year’s for good luck. That’s because ring-shaped foods are thought to represent the idea of coming “full circle.” Try our donut recipe for great pre- (or post-) midnight snacking to ring in a happier 2017.