Personalized Gifts for Mom

This Mother’s day, attempt to communicate all the love, joy, and respect that comes from calling your mom just that with a personalized gift.

We almost all call the woman who raised us by the same special name: Mom. Though you might have cycled through some different variations (ma, mama, mommy, mother, mumsy, etc.), most usually settle on this common moniker.

Though only three little letters, “Mom” packs in a whole lifetime of special experiences, memories, and emotions unique to each mother and child. “Mom!” was probably exclaimed in your household through both giggle-fits and convulsing sobs. Shouted in moments of questioning, searching, anger, excitement and, of course, hunger. At some point “Mom” became more than just a name—it became a signal of life’s most special relationship. Of course, that special relationship can often be pretty hard to shop for. Why is it that the people we love the most often stump us the hardest when we’re at the mall?

This Mother’s day, attempt to communicate all the love, joy, and respect that comes from calling your mom just that with a personalized gift. We’ve rounded up some of the most special personalized gifts available on the market: fill-in-the-blank keepsakes, nameplate necklaces, initialed trinket dishes, a monogrammed breakfast tray, and more. There are even some less traditional personalization options, too—like trinkets that remind her of her home state, her favorite four-legged friend, and even her entire extended family scattered across the country. No matter what you choose—“Mom,” her given name (yes, she was known as something before you came along!), her monogram, or even an inside joke—she’ll be reminded of all the things that make her mom to you.


State of Mind Pendant

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Mom knows there’s no place like home—so go ahead and help her keep that message close to her heart with this 12-karat gold-plated metal pendant. Whether she’s “Good as Gold” (from California) or has an Empire State of Mind (New York), she’ll enjoy sporting her home state with pride.

To buy: $58;


What I Love About Mom Fill In The Love Journal

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What do you love about your mom? Count the ways in this heartwarming fill-in-the-blank. Let mom know what makes her special by answering questions like “I always want to know what you’re going to say about…” and “I’d be lost without your…” She’ll love flipping through the pages in this personalized keepsake for years to come.

To buy: $16.50;


Best Mom Ever Desk Sign

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Her coworkers might know her as Mari Beth, Susan, Amy, or Laura, but to you she’s just Mom—and there’s no mistaking it: She’s the best one ever! Let everyone in the office know who’s the boss (at home) with this cheeky nameplate.

To buy: $30;


Monogrammed Dog Pillow Cover

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Let mom show off her love for her best friend on this personalized cushion. Each 18-inch pillow features an enchanting rendering of her favorite breed (choose from Yorkie, Golden Retriever, Dachshund, or 11 others). Put it on the couch for an extra comfy, cheery accent to her favorite cuddling spot.

To buy: $19;


Measuring Spoons Custom Stamp

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Whether it’s giving her own seal of approval to the well-loved copies in her impressive cookbook collection or leaving her mark on each bag of homemade goodies, this customized stamp will surely inspire her to spend more time doing what she loves in the kitchen.

To buy: $40;


Sarah Chloe Leigh ID Necklace

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes this beautiful ID necklace for mother’s day. Engraved with a simple equation of love—parent + parent’s Initials = up to three kids' initials—it’s a beautiful reminder that love is always greater than the sum of its parts. Available in sterling silver or 18k yellow gold-plated metal.

To buy: $128;


Monogrammed Meadow Trinket Dish

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If your favorite childhood memory was story time with your mother, relive the moment by treating her to one of these children’s book-inspired trinket dishes. Each features the letter of her first name with a special nod to the letter amid floral accents (from A for Apple to Zinnia for Z)

To buy: $12;


Jute Carry-All Tassel Pouches

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Whether she’s using it as a catch-all for her purse essentials or to tote her paperback, sunglasses, and phone to the beach, this roomy jute pouch will be her favorite summer go-to. Make it hers by personalizing it with her monogram, initials, name, or even a short custom message. (Hint: “World’s Best Mom” fits within the character limit!)

To buy: $12;


Silver-Plated Breakfast Tray

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Breakfast in bed is an easy way to impress her this Mother’s Day. But up the ante with this personalized antique-inspired silver tray. Not only will she love discovering her monogram under her pancakes, eggs, and coffee—she’ll love pulling out the classic tray for all special occasions afterwards, too.

To buy: $99;


Glass Teapot

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If there’s anything mom deserves this Mother’s Day, it’s a moment to herself. And what’s more relaxing than a freshly brewed cup of tea? Treat her to many meditative moments with the personalized teapot. She’ll enjoy the calming ritual of brewing and sipping her favorite tea flavors for years to come.

To buy: $40;


Personalized Family Member Signpost

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Even if your family is scattered across the country, all hearts always live at home. Send mom this personalized signpost to remind her where the family’s roots lie. The top features the family name, and the bottom signs feature the distance every member lives from home. Add up to five family member signs.

To buy: From $125 for three signs;


Monogram Glass Mason Jar Mugs

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If mom loves sipping her iced tea out of her favorite canning tool, why not send her home with her own set of monogrammed mason jars? These, made of hand-blown glass, feature her first initial in a block letter engraving.

To buy: $30 for a set of four glasses;


Personalized Map Pillow

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Though her kids have grown up and moved away, she still holds close to her heart the days when they’d all pile into Mom and Dad’s bed just because. Pay homage to this precious memory with this personalized linen pillow for her bed—it can feature up to seven hearts that symbolize where all her children have landed.

To buy: From $58;


Personalized Recipe Book

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Just like her signature recipes, this book is made completely from scratch and tailored to her tastes. Her name adorns the vintage-inspired cover and the sturdily bound book features 50 blank recipe pages—just enough to feature her favorite recipes and then some. Choose her favorite of 12 colors for the binding.

To buy: $25;


Bold Script Garden Stone

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If she’s planning on spending Mother’s Day in her favorite place—the garden—give her something that will complement the beautiful blooms she’s nurtured. This sturdy garden stone can be personalized with her name and a short message such as “planted with love.”

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