18 Mother’s Day Mugs That’ll Fuel Her Coffee Addiction

Any of these mugs will put a smile on mom’s face while keeping her drink of choice nice and warm.

Being a mom requires a lot of running around, a lot of patience, and a lot of, well, getting it done. That special woman in your life deserves her vices, and when we say vices we mean coffee—lots of it. Any of these mugs will put a smile on mom's face while keeping her drink of choice nice and warm. Whether it’s a pretty addition to her kitchen décor or something with a little sense of humor, these vessels will help Mom keep her buzz going all day long. They’ll take a spot in her morning arsenal, right next to that hand-printed plate you made her as a kid. These mugs aren’t limited to just mothers, either. Our picks make great gifts for grandmothers, aunts, and the “just like mom” woman in your life. They’ll all get a kick out of these. You can take this gift to the next level by adding a bag of her favorite java or tea. (If your mom isn’t much of a coffee person, fear not. These mugs can serve as an unconventional wine glass.) And if your mom is constantly on the go, but a stickler for taste, a coffee steeper might be the perfect addition. With all the taste of French press coffee and half the hassle, mom can enjoy the freshest and well-made coffee her kitchen counter has to offer. Keep doing you mom! Go ahead, have that third cup and keep being amazing.


Wonder Woman Mug

Photo by amazon.com

If you have no idea how your mom gets everything done in 24 hours, chances are it has something to do with a large cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Next time she fuels up for the day, she’ll remember you think she’s an actual superhero.

To buy: $15, amazon.com.


Shhhh… There’s Wine in Here

Photo by honeydropdecals.etsy.com

How about a vessel that can hold both of her favorite drinks? You’ll make her laugh and give her an excuse to start happy hour a little early one day if she wants.

To buy: $14, honeydropdecals.etsy.com.


Personalized Floral Mug

Photo by artprintbeauty.etsy.com

Sometimes simple is best, and this handmade mug would be a unique addition to her kitchen cupboard. Plus, with her name front and center, there’s no question whose coffee it is.

To buy: $20, artprintbeauty.etsy.com.


Hidden Animal Mugs

Photo by uncommongoods.com

These handmade clay mugs are big enough for a generous cup of coffee, and each gulp gets her closer to the reveal of a three-dimensional animal. Despite looking delicate, they are actually microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

To buy: $25 each, uncommongoods.com.


Mom Word Search Mug

Photo by zazzle.com

Customize this mug with words and phrases that are tailored to her—whether they’re things that describe her, favorite books and movies, or important dates, she’ll have fun searching through to see all of the hidden messages.

To buy: $18, zazzle.com.


The Best Mother in the Entire World Mug

Photo by etsy.com

Give the mug a personal touch by adding your birthdate (or the birthdate of your oldest sibling) to commemorate the year she became a mother.

To buy: $14, etsy.com.


Daisy May Mugs (Set of 4)

Photo by wayfair.com

This design features a classic color scheme, with a fun, alternative floral pattern she’ll be excited to put to use at family brunch.

To buy: $21, wayfair.com.


Stoneware Flower Mugs (Set of 3)

Photo by uncommongoods.com

These handmade clay mugs are big enough for a generous cup of coffee, and the three-dimensional floral designs are each hand-painted. Despite looking delicate, they are actually microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

To buy: $34, uncommongoods.com.


Buoyant Letters Mug

Photo by anthropologie.com

This classic white and blue mug features an elegant watercolor design that's fit for any kitchen aesthetic. The handle is big, perfect when the coffee is piping hot. Though you may sometimes forget your mom does go by another name, choose a mug with her first initial on it.

To buy: $10; anthropologie.com.


Mom Boss Mug

Photo by papersource.com

Retro and bright, the gold foil artwork makes for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It not only holds 10 ounces of coffee or tea, but it also reminds everyone—if they ever dare forget!—who’s really in charge around the house.

To buy: $13; papersource.com.


Donut Warming Mug

Photo by uncommongoods.com

This all-in-one design is for the mother who likes to multitask—and have a little fun while doing it. The pastry warming component doesn’t stop at just donuts. Warm up cookies or biscuits, too. She’ll never have to choose between warm donuts or warm coffee ever again. Your mom deserves the best of both worlds.

To buy: $15; uncommongoods.com.


Clay Art Jumbo Mug

Photo by target.com

The jumbo mug is for the mama that goes back for a second cup before you’re even up. With a cheeky saying and a pretty, feminine design, mom can start her morning off right with a coffee cup that holds a whopping 27 ounces of java.

To buy: $6; target.com.


Ceramic Mug

Photo by nordstrom.com

For the mom that does it all (so pretty much every mom!) and likes to look stylish while doing it. The playful saying shows her how much you care and the bright design adds a punch of color to otherwise dreary mornings.

To buy: $13; nordstrom.com.


Hot Stuff Deluxe Thermal Mug

Photo by bando.com

Pink, gold, and a statement that’s never been more true for the mom on the run. She can tote this insulated travel mug wherever she goes to show off her killer personality.

To buy: $18; bando.com.


Best Mom Mug

Photo by amazon.com

The combination of feathers, flowers, and a lovely saying will warm her heart more than any cup of coffee could. Whether you’re off at school or live in a different state, mom will remember just how much you think about her when you’re away.

To buy: $18; amazon.com.


Mama Bear Mug

Photo by willowandfoxco.etsy.com

Whether she’s a mother-to-be or a well established mom, any woman who takes on the important role of caregiving will relate to this mug. With a watercolor design, this mug is simple, elegant, and evokes the power of nature.

To buy: $14; etsy.com.


Mother Hood Life Mug

Photo by kerichristine.etsy.com

The bold black and white graphic design of this mug will remind your mother what an awesome woman she is. No matter what life throws her way, she’s ready for it. As long as she’s got a cup of coffee of course.

To buy: $16; etsy.com.


Coffee Lover Mug

Photo by urbanoutfitters.com

Nothing shows appreciation for everything she does like the simplest symbol of love. This quirky blush mug reminds Mom that your heart is with her every day.

To buy: $12; urbanoutfitters.com.