A few thoughtful, practical, and surprising ideas for honoring her memory.

By Yolanda Wikiel
April 18, 2016

When you’ve lost your mom, Mother’s Day is a tough day—and scrolling through the brunch-filled posts on Facebook and Instagram can make you feel even worse. While feeling sad is perfectly normal, author Allison Gilbert offers a more empowering approach in her new book Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive, which is full of concrete tools for preserving memories of those who have passed. “Taking steps to proactively remember loved ones is essential to healing,” she says. “Individuals who find appropriate ways to stay connected almost always fare better than those who don’t.” And, for Gilbert, embracing social media was helpful. One of her favorite tributes for her mother who she lost in 1996 is posting photos of her on Facebook, which tends to spark a heartfelt discussion from friends and family. Here, some of her other creative ideas for remembering Mom.

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