7 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make From Family Photos

Whether you need a gift for grandma or a hint for your partner, these personalized crafts get the whole family involved.

Crafts developed by Morgan Levine


Tote Bag

Photo by Emily Kinni

1. Choose photos of your family, print them on transfer paper, and cut out just the heads. You may want to use one piece of paper per photo so that the heads are large enough.
2. Use an iron to transfer the photos onto a plain tote bag.
3. Have kids use fabric markers to finish their bodies and decorate the bag.


Candle Holders

Photo by Emily Kinni

1. Print photos in black and white on vellum paper, which you can find at your local craft store. The paper will give the photo a frosted finish.
2. Wrap around a glass cylinder (you can choose the size), and secure with double stick tape.


Cookie Tin

Photo by Emily Kinni

1. Use the lid of a cookie tin as a stencil around a family photo.
2. Use glue or double stick tape to adhere a circle-shaped photo to the lid of the tin.
3. Embellish the edge of the photo with a colorful or textured ribbon.
4. Bonus: Bake her favorite cookies to store inside!


Embellished Frame

Photo by Emily Kinni

1. Paint a wooden craft frame a solid color. 
2. Use a circle punch (or any other shape or symbol) to create a template out of construction paper. Trace circles around the frame.
3. Use paint pens to color in the circles.


Potted Flower Photos

Photo by Emily Kinni

1. Use a circle punch to cut out faces from family photos. 
2. Cut out colorful flower shapes from construction paper and glue family faces to the center of each flower. 
3. Then, glue a pipe cleaner onto each flower to create the stem. 
4. Place a Styrofoam ball into a pot, and secure pipe cleaners into the ball. 
5. Cover the Styrofoam with shredded paper.


Dry Photo Snow Globe

Photo by Emily Kinni

1. Cut out a family portrait, but just include the bodies and none of the background scenery.
2. Create a background illustration and tape it to the side of a clear mason jar. This will be the back of the snow globe.
3. Create additional trees and cut them out.
4. Tape the trees and family portrait to the inside of the lid. Secure the lid onto the jar, and turn it upside down.


Matchbox Album

Photo by Emily Kinni

1. Cover a matchbox in decorative paper—like wrapping paper scraps or craft paper.
2. Embellish the front with a "Photos" label.
3. Cut a long strip of construction paper to the height of the box, and accordion fold it a few times. Make sure the folds are thick enough to accommodate small, wallet-sized photos.
4. Tape one end to the inside of the box.
5. Use double stick tape to secure a few photos to the folds.