These elegant, easy desserts are picture perfect for a ladies tea or a luxe brunch.

Marcus Nilsson
Marcus Nilsson

Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake

Like the cake, your world is about to turn upside down. This scrumptious dessert requires just 15 minutes of hands-on time, then leave it to the oven to bake your cake to perfection.

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Marcus Nilsson

Strawberry Almond Cornmeal Cake

Golden and gently sweet thanks to a blend of cornmeal and almond flour, this homey cake packs a lot of summery goodness into every bite.

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Marcus Nilsson

Chocolate Mud Cake

Dark and rich, this fudgey cake is like a souffle on steroids. And it couldn’t be simpler: just 6 ingredients stand between you and chocolate nirvana.

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Marcus Nilsson

Apricot Clafouti

This delightfully simple French dessert is a like a cross between a baked pancake and a custardy cake. Though clafoutis are commonly made with cherries, we love the way this one shows off the sweetness and sunny hue of golden apricots.

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Marcus Nilsson

Lemon Poppy Bundt Cake

Pretty poppy seeds give this simple citrus cake a pleasing crunch, while creamy yogurt lends a lip-smacking tanginess and a tender crumb.

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Marcus Nilsson

Brown-Sugar Banana Cake

Using dark brown sugar in place of white packs this cake with a deep, caramel flavor, which perfectly complements the tropical sweetness of roasted bananas.

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