Unique and thoughtful finds for new moms.

She’s always been on the giving end of Mother’s Day, but now that she has a child of her own the tables have turned. Make her first Mother’s Day one she’ll always remember with one of these thoughtful gifts. We know she’s experienced a drastic lifestyle change since becoming a mom—the nights are much longer, the days are jam-packed, there are so many bottles to be made, and that pile of laundry is a mile high. What she really needs right now is something to help her relax, feel a little cozier, or maybe even something to just give her a reason to laugh. Our editors have taken this all to heart. Here, you’ll find a list of things (they all got a stamp of approval from the moms on staff!) that will do just the trick this Mother’s Day. Try a gorgeous and super soft blanket (don’t worry: it’s machine-washable) for the woman who hasn’t gotten a full night’s sleep in months, a casserole dish complete with a home-cooked meal for the mom who just gave birth a few short days before the holiday, love tokens for the woman who hasn’t had a romantic night out since the baby was born, or a memory kit for the lady who’s headed towards toddler territory. As long as you don’t forget the card, you really can’t go wrong with these one-of-a-kind first Mother’s Day gifts. (If you haven’t learned this yet, commit it to memory now: All moms love to receive cards.) 

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