First Mother’s Day Gifts

Unique and thoughtful finds for new moms.

She’s always been on the giving end of Mother’s Day, but now that she has a child of her own the tables have turned. Make her first Mother’s Day one she’ll always remember with one of these thoughtful gifts. We know she’s experienced a drastic lifestyle change since becoming a mom—the nights are much longer, the days are jam-packed, there are so many bottles to be made, and that pile of laundry is a mile high. What she really needs right now is something to help her relax, feel a little cozier, or maybe even something to just give her a reason to laugh. Our editors have taken this all to heart. Here, you’ll find a list of things (they all got a stamp of approval from the moms on staff!) that will do just the trick this Mother’s Day. Try a gorgeous and super soft blanket (don’t worry: it’s machine-washable) for the woman who hasn’t gotten a full night’s sleep in months, a casserole dish complete with a home-cooked meal for the mom who just gave birth a few short days before the holiday, love tokens for the woman who hasn’t had a romantic night out since the baby was born, or a memory kit for the lady who’s headed towards toddler territory. As long as you don’t forget the card, you really can’t go wrong with these one-of-a-kind first Mother’s Day gifts. (If you haven’t learned this yet, commit it to memory now: All moms love to receive cards.) 


Petalpress Brownie Dish

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One of the nicest things you can bring to a new parent is a warm homemade meal. Make your offering even sweeter by baking a special treat in a beautiful casserole dish they can keep once the food has been gobbled up.

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Do One Thing Every Day That Centers You: A Mindfulness Journal, by Robie Rogge


Nights are late, the baby has colic, and, well, she’s plain drained. Help her find some inner peace in an always-on world. This journal features manageable prompts (just one each day!) and inspirational quotes to help her pause (even when it feels like there’s no time for that) and live in the present.

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Deluxe Candle of the Month Subscription

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She’ll appreciate this luxe gift whether she uses the candle to mask the smell of sour milk or to help her relax and rejuvenate during a quick bubble bath. Each month she’ll receive a large eco-friendly soy candle and a travel version, as well as a pack of matches. Scents vary based on the season.

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Please Bring Me Wine Women’s Socks

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These quirky socks ensure a refill is only as difficult as pointing to her feet. Plus, the pair provides a great reason to put her feet up—something everybody knows she deserves right now. If mom isn’t a wine drinker, choose socks that request coffee or beer instead.

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Roped Fringe Throw Blanket

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She’s going to need something super soft to drape over her lap to make late night feedings a little bit more comfortable. This oversized fringed indigo throw is machine-washable to make quick work of cleaning those inevitable spit-up stains.

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Assorted Bath Affirmations

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Her body aches, she’s totally sleep deprived, and she hasn’t had a minute to herself since the baby was born. What she really needs is an excuse to take a relaxing bath. This kit, which contains five tubes of fragrant bath salts, will help her find a moment of peace. Each test tube comes complete with an affirmation—something else she could probably use right about now.

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I Am Very Busy Sip Sip Tumbler and Straw

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Between going back to work, midnight feeds, and everything else that’s always been on her to-do list, Mom is one busy lady these days. This reusable tumbler not only keeps her hydrated on the go, but also offers a comical approach to letting the whole world know that whatever they need better be important.

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Bonjour French Press

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You thought she loved coffee before she had her first child. She’s really going to covet her morning cuppa now. Give her a beautiful ceramic French press that is so pretty it won’t require any cleanup—it can stay out on the counter, even when guests come to visit.

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9 Listen Up Earbuds

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As much as she loves being a new mom, she’s inevitably going to need a little bit of “me time.” When her partner’s on diaper duty, help mom chill out with the best kind of medicine—some soothing tunes. The humorous earbuds feature a microphone and volume control, so she can still take any important phone calls.

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I Think I’ll Just Be Happy Today Mini Succulent

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No, she doesn’t have time to take care of some ornate plant. But she might need a little pick-me-up. A small succulent is the perfect solution. The hardy plant couldn’t be easier to care for. Simply place it in a windowsill, and give it a little spritz every once in a while.

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‘Floribunda’ Coloring Book

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We know what you’re thinking: What new mom could possibly have time to color? Well, studies show that this activity can have very real benefits. When she does find a few moments to spare, this book features 20 stunning floral illustrations that can easily be removed for framing.

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Time Capsule

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Mom probably spent most of her pregnancy wondering just what her newborn would be like—what they would look like, what they’d like and dislike. Now that baby has entered the world, gift something that’ll help her share her own experiences with her child. This kit includes stationery, envelopes, and prompts to help Mom write letters to her son or daughter. Consider it a gift for both parent and child: Kids will love opening these unique mementos throughout the years.

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Meri Meri Paper Love Tokens

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Chances are dirty diapers and sing-alongs have taken the place of snuggle time and dinner and a movie. Give your partner these little love tokens—each one good for a home cooked meal, a foot massage, a night on the town, etc.—to slowly introduce a little more grown-up time back into the routine.

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