The woman who raised you (or who raised your kids, or whose parenting you admire every day) deserves more than store-bought sentiments on Mother’s Day. To make her a card that reflects your true feelings (and puts a punny spin on them), get inspired by these easy DIY cards.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated May 02, 2018

The best part is that everything you need to craft them is likely already in your home or can be found at almost any dollar store. Some spare buttons, a collected gem, and even a bottle of nail polish are recruited to make Mom’s day extra special without spending a lot of money. For a mom who’s a fan of word play, these cards are guaranteed to make her proud. What clever kids she raised.

1. “Nailing It” Card

Place the mini nail polish bottle on the front of the card, then use a ruler and a pencil to draw a rectangle about ½-inch outside the bottle. Using a craft knife, cut out the rectangle. Attach the bottle to the bottom sheet of paper using foam adhesive dots. Write “You’re NAILING this whole mom thing” on the front of the card.

2. “She’s a Gem” Card

Place a sparkly gem on the front of the card and use a ruler and pencil to trace a shape about ½-inch outside of it. Cut out the shape with a craft knife, then attach the gem to the bottom sheet of paper using foam adhesive dots. Write “You’re a Gem” on the front of the card.

3. “You’re the Balm” Card

Remove the cap from a sphere lip balm, place it on the card, and trace around it. Using a craft knife, cut out a circle that’s ¼-inch smaller than the one you just drew. Take two cupcake wrappers and flatten them out. Using the hole you just cut as a guide, trace a circle in the center of both wrappers and cut out. To form the flower, place the bottom part of the lip balm under the hole cut in the card, add the cupcake wrappers, and then screw on the top of the lip gloss so that the cupcake wrapper petals are sandwiched in between. Write “Mom, you’re the balm,” in a contrasting color pen.

4. Sew Lovely Card

Write “Mom, you’re a cut above... love you sew much” on the front of the card. Using craft glue or foam adhesive dots, attach mini scissors and a tiny spool of thread (borrowed from a travel mending kit). Note: Mending kit scissors tend to be dull, but for extra safety, wrap the blades in silver tape before attaching to the card.

5. Cute-as-a-Button Card

Write “Moms are like buttons... they hold everything together” on the front of the card. Use craft glue to adhere some spare buttons.