Real dads come clean on the times they’ve left gifts and planning till last minute—and the times they got it right.

By Real Simple
Updated May 11, 2018

In a perfect world, Mother’s Day would be the one day a year moms everywhere could just sit back and enjoy as our partners and kids shower us with gifts, meals, and entertainment. Aaaaand, then there’s reality. We asked these men to spill their usual M.O. when it comes to celebrating the mother of their children. From last-minute convenience store bouquets to oh-so-practical home appliances (!), these dads share true tales of their Mother’s Day misses and close calls. But they also share their best saves—including a never-fail handmade card from the kids—so if you need to prompt anyone in your own life to remember your big day, hit share on this video before it’s too late. (Psst: Watch through to the end for a great gift deal worth taking advantage of!)