6 Stylish Seder Plates for Passover

Even amidst brisket and bowls of matzo ball soup, these Seder plates will be the star of your holiday table.


Simple White Seder Plate

Photo by thejewishmuseum.org

This simple Seder plate will match any type of place setting, which means you can put it to use even if you switch up your decor from year to year. Each shallow well is labeled in English and in Hebrew, making Seder prep a breeze.

To buy: $38, thejewishmuseum.org.


Painter’s Pallete Seder Plate Set

Photo by ahuva.com

If you’re looking to add a little color to your Passover table, this whimsical plate will do the trick. Place it at the adult table as a conversation starter, or set it on the kids’ table and let them fill the dishes.

To buy: $55, ahuva.com.


White and Metallic Silver Seder Plate

Photo by thejewishmuseum.org

This elegant plate, which features a metallic silver rim, will sparkle and shine in the center of your table. The Hebrew word “Pesach,” meaning Passover, is painted onto the center, which will remain visible even after the bowls are filled.

To buy: $68, thejewishmuseum.org.


Ceramic Seder Plate With Heart Dishes

Photo by moderntribe.com

A Star-of-David-shaped dish forms the center of this set, which is inspired by blue-and-white Chinese porcelain. Adorable heart dishes hold the Seder plate items, which can be scattered throughout the length of the table.

To buy: $92, moderntribe.com.


Futura Seder Plate

Photo by jonathanadler.com

Real gold accents line this porcelain plate, which will make it a stand-out on your table. And don’t wait until Passover to put it to use. It can be filled with crudités and other appetizers year-round.

To buy: $150, jonathanadler.com.


Pomegranate 6 Compartment Plate

Photo by michaelaram.com

Inspired by the pomegranate, which is a symbolic fruit in Judaism, this intricate plate is a standout. The rounded fruit makes a lovely vessel for the various Seder plate items.

To buy: $165, michaelaram.com.