It’s easy to frost a batch of 24 cupcakes so they look like Springy, bright blue Robin’s eggs. We recommend using chocolate cupcakes and vanilla frosting; when you dye the frosting pale blue it’ll pop against chocolate cake.

By Real Simple
Updated April 05, 2017

To neatly frost your cupcakes, dollop some frosting in the center of each cupcake with a small offset spatula or butter knife. Place the end of the offset spatula flat against the center of the cupcake, and spin the cupcake in a circle to spread out the frosting. Wipe off extra frosting from the offset spatula between cupcakes to keep your handiwork extra neat.

For the speckling technique, you’ll need a clean dry brush. You can use a pastry brush or even a retired makeup brush for the task. Gently dip the brush tips into your cocoa powder-vanilla mixture, hold the brush a couple inches above the cupcakes, and firmly smack the handle to spatter the treats in chocolate (you’ll want to wear an apron). Continue smacking until the cupcakes have lots of speckles all over. If the cocoa powder mixture starts to clump on the brush, rinse it off and dry with a paper towel before continuing.

For a finishing touch, top the cupcakes with malted speckled egg candies, which you can find at any drugstore or grocery store around Easter time. Any color will do, although we love yellow for some sunny contrast. The dessert is a fantastic way to finish off Easter brunch, although it’s a fun way to end any meal. Try switching up the frosting color and candy toppers to make it seasonal.