Keep the kids occupied during your Easter brunch or dinner.

When it comes to planning your Easter gathering with friends and family, you’ve probably gotten all the supplies for the egg hunt (basket, fake eggs, candy), food for the meal, and flowers for the table. Everything is all set and you’re ready for the guests to arrive, but there are a few additional details that will make your Easter celebration even more special.

Whether you have a table just for the kids or everyone is sitting together, set a special place setting for the little ones with these free printable placemat designs. Chances are the kids will be a little distracted during the meal—whether they’re coming down from a sugar high from searching for eggs or anticipating the post-meal hunt. These placemats will keep them occupied since each one is a coloring page complete with a word search. Let them choose their favorite design: traditional Easter motifs, eggs, flowers, or geometric bunnies. Just place them at each setting with a couple of crayons and the kids will have fun—and actually stay seated through the meal (or at least most of it). Before you place the mats on the table, write each child's names on one so they can find their seats when it’s time to eat.

To print them out, you can either go with legal-sized paper for a bigger placemat or stick with your regular 8.5” x 11” sheets. And don’t forget to make some extra copies, the adults might want to join in on the coloring activity, too. Download them below.Easter Bunnies Placemat 

Get the larger, printable version here.Happy Easter Placemat 

Get the larger, printable version here.Easter Eggs Placemat 

Get the larger, printable version here.Easter Flowers Placemat 

Get the larger, printable version here.