New Year's Dinner Recipes

This year, skip the holiday crowds and ring in the New Year in style with our inspiring ideas for a festive home-cooked New Year's Eve dinner. Whether you're planning to celebrate with a crowd of friends or over an intimate dinner for two, we've got New Year's Eve dinner recipes for tantalizing appetizers, impressive main dishes, delicious sides, and decadent desserts that rival anything you'll find in a restaurant. Want to include the kids? Keep things casual by making a New Year's buffet complete with hearty chili, homemade pizzas, and simple salads. (And cupcakes, of course!) No New Year's dinner would be complete without special drinks and we've got you covered there, with dozens of delicious champagne cocktails, martinis, and punches to choose from—plus equally sophisticated non-alcoholic options for anyone who's abstaining. Finally, finish the night with a dreamy dessert, like molten chocolate cake, creamy pudding, truffles, or cream puffs. After all, the resolutions start tomorrow!

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Roast Beef With Slow-Cooked Tomatoes and Garlic

You might not believe us when we tell you, but you're just 4 ingredients away from a stunning centerpiece roast. We combined an inexpensive piece of beef, tomatoes, garlic, and thyme, stuck it in the oven and poured ourselves a glass of wine. It's recipes like this one—with a decent amount of inactive time—that we love to employ during the busy holiday season. Serve this will a side of smashed potatoes or mashed celery root and a bottle of cabernet.

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Peppered Roast Beef With Horseradish Sauce

The zesty horseradish sauce recipe that accompanies this roast beef provides the ideal partner for the flavorful, marbled meat. And while the sauce might evoke expensive steakhouse dinners, it’s actually ridiculously simple to make (shh!). Simply stir together sour cream, plus prepared horseradish, and salt and pepper. Try the spicy, creamy sauce alongside our buttered roast beef—which cooks up in the oven, with a crust of crushed peppercorns, in roughly an hour and a half—or grilled pork or steak. Add a baked potato or a cooked green on the side, and you’ll have a comfort food spread that’s sure to satisfy.