6 Super Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Rather than stuffing a few bills into a card and calling it a day, try one of these out-of-the-envelope ideas for gifting money. 


Rainy Days

Photo by ThisLittleStreet.com

Your grad certainly won’t mind it if this is the rain she gets on her big day. A pretty umbrella (a gift she’ll need for stormy commutes in the future) conceals a shower of dollar bills she can stow away for—you guessed it—a rainy day. 

Idea and photo by This Little Street. Get the full tutorial here


ConGRADulations Gift Box

Photo by CraftsUnleashed.com

To make this craft even easier, glue a larger square of black cardstock to the top of a black gift box and proceed with the tutorial. Your grad will be happy to discover the “diplomas” inside are really much-needed spending money. 

Idea and photo by Crafts Unleashed. Get the full tutorial here


Money Necklace

Photo by TheHouseThatLarsBuilt.com

This beautiful bauble certainly won’t sit in her jewelry box untouched. To make the necklace, you’ll need 18 bills—three for each flower—and crafting essentials, like floral wire, scissors, tissue paper, and a glue gun. 

Idea and photo by The House That Lars Built. Get the full tutorial here


Dollar Diplomas

Photo by NoBiggie.net

With a little crafting know-how, it’s easy to transform that mason jar you have sitting around into a fun graduation gift. Just use cardstock and thread to turn the top into a cap, and then fill the jar with rolled dollar bills tied with thread (they’re meant to look like diplomas).  

Idea and photo by No Biggie. Get the full tutorial here


Money Balloons

Photo by SugarandCharm.com

This party décor doubles as a creative cash gift. Simply fill clear latex balloons with confetti and rolled up bills. The only catch? He’ll have to pop each one to get the cash. 

Idea and photo by Sugar and Charm. Get the full tutorial here


Money Pail

Photo by Eighteen25.blogspot.com

To execute this fun idea, simply pick up a clear mini paint can at the craft store, stick the free printable on top, and fill it with some much-needed money.

Idea and photo by Eighteen25. Get the full tutorial here