You really don’t have to be artistic to craft Dad a DIY Father’s Day card—just rummage through your kids’ toy stash and search the candy aisle at the supermarket for inexpensive (or free!) card embellishments. Let a tiny dino tell Dad how awesome he is, or spell it out for him in candy. A dad with a sweet tooth and a playful sense of humor will consider the adornments on these cards an added bonus to his present.

By Real Simple
Updated June 13, 2017

Dino-Mite Dad Card

Attach a mini dinosaur toy to the card using an adhesive dot. Write “Dad, you are dino-mite” on the front of the card.

Top Pop Card

Cut a long piece of cardstock into an approximately 4-by-16-inch rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half horizontally, open it up, and then fold both ends in to meet at the center fold, creating four evenly-spaced sections. Refold the card in an accordion fold. Using an adhesive dot, attach a lollipop to the bottom three sections and write “You’re the top pop!” on the first section.

“One in a Melon” Card

Place melon gummies into a small cellophane bag and tie the top with ribbon. Use an adhesive dot to attach the bag to the front of the card. Write “You are one in a MELON” on the front.

“REEL Great Dad” Card

Draw a simple fishing hook on the front of the card. Place a few Swedish fish in a cellophane bag and tape it shut. Attach the bag near the fishing hook with an adhesive dot. Write “I know you’re not FISHING for compliments, but you’re a REEL great dad.”

Pop Rocks Card

Attach a couple packs of Pop Rocks to the front of the card with adhesive dots, then write “For a POP who ROCKS.”

Raisin’ Smarties Card

Attach a small cellophane bag of chocolate-covered raisins and a tube of Smarties (we used a jumbo pack for extra oomph) to the front of the card. Write “Congrats on raisin’ a bunch of Smarties,” or let the candies fill in the last word.