Send dad one of these to brighten his day.

By Sarah Yang
Updated April 21, 2017

You did the impossible: after days (or hours) of searching for the perfect gift for dad, you found something he’ll actually love and, most importantly, use. Now, for the finishing touch, all you need is a card. If you’re not impressed with the offerings at the store, why not with dad a Happy Father’s Day with one of these free cards? With four options, there’s bound to be one that’s just right for dear ol’ dad.

Try the leaf motif card if your dad is an avid gardener or just loves his outdoor time. If he’s king of “dad” jokes (no matter how cringe-worthy they can be), give him the card that says “No joke, you’re the best dad ever,” and jot down your own corny one-liner inside. For the foodie, there’s the bowtie pasta card that puts a cheeky spin on the common gift that every dad has gotten at least once: the necktie. And if you never make a big decision without calling dad first, print out and present the card that says, “Thanks for always steering me in the right direction.” Of course you could also send these to the other father figures in your life, like an uncle, grandpa, or older cousin.

The best part? Each one of these cards is blank inside, so you can write you own heartfelt note to your father (complete with your favorite inside jokes and nicknames).

To prep one for Father’s Day, simply print out the card of your choice, cut, and fold in half.

Get the larger, printable version here.

Get the larger, printable version here.