Hanukkah Dessert Recipes

We guarantee that our Hanukkah desserts will light up your kitchen table for eight straight days. If you want super quick and easy cookies, we have lots of festive options to choose from. Think: adorable Gelt Cookies—sugar cookies that get decorated with gelt and green sanding sugar. Not to mention a myriad of rugelach recipes that turn out as neat, flaky crescents, from an Apricot and Walnut Rugelach to a Raspberry Rugelach. There are also centerpiece desserts that are sure to impress family and friends (no need to tell them how quick and easy they were to pull off). Take our Honey Cake. It tastes like a pound cake, but it’s beyond moist and flavorful, thanks to a mix of warm spices, honey, vanilla, lemon, and strong black tea. It gets baked in a bundt so it’s statuesque, and then dusted with simple confectioner’s sugar. Mazel tov!

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