Hanukkah Cookie Recipes

As much as we love gelt and sufganiyot (doughnuts filled with jelly and topped with powdered sugar), there’s more to Hanukkah desserts than chocolate and fried dough. Hanukkah cookies are always a great choice, because you can munch on them throughout all eight days of celebration. Get creative with all sorts of shapes and flavors, be it a Star of David-shaped sugar cookie, or thumbprint-style cookies with gelt pressed into the center. If you’re hosting a Hannukah party, cookies are the perfect family-friendly dessert, and are easy to make ahead of time so you can focus on the latkes day-of. Going to a potluck? Buy or DIY a decorative Hannukah cookie tin, then pack it full of an assortment of treats. Rugelach, a traditional Jewish cookie made of rolled dough and filling, travels well and couldn’t be easier: start with store-bought pie crust, fill with apricot jam, and top with a sprinkling of sugar.


There are plenty of rugelach recipes out there—we’ve got a handful of variations on our site alone. And plenty of folks have family recipes, passed down through the generations. So what makes this version stand apart? Simplicity and ease. For a shortcut that cuts down drastically on prep time, we turned to packaged refrigerated pie crusts, rather than making your own dough. No, it won’t taste exactly the same—but these apricot rugelach bites require a mere 15 minutes hands-on time. They’re ready to eat in under an hour. We used apricot jam, but you could use any flavor your family loves.