6 Gourmet Hanukkah Gelts for Chocolate Lovers

Don’t be foiled by the thin, rock hard chocolate coins you know as “gelt.” Melt-in-your-mouth versions do, in fact, exist. Some of them even use single-origin, fair trade chocolate. We’ve rounded up the tastiest loot to help you shine during Hanukkah.


Veruca Chocolates Gelt for Grown-Ups Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt

Photo by verucachocolates.com

Molded after a real Jewish coin from the 4th century BCE, these confections are made from Guittard chocolate, airbrushed in gold, and then finished with flaky salt. Special enough to serve at a dinner party, this currency will also win over children in a twinkling.

To buy: $15 for one 4.2-ounce container (20 coins), verucachocolates.com.


Lake Champlain Hanukkah Chocolate Coin Box

Photo by lakechamplainchocolates.com

This festive gift box is brimming with fair trade milk chocolate coins decorated with dreidels and menorahs. Self-restraint will be necessary, lest you devour this treat in one sitting.

To buy: $9 for one 3.5-ounce container, lakechamplainchocolates.com.


Wilbur Chocolate Gold Foiled Wilbur Coins

Photo by wilburbuds.com

From a Pennsylvania Dutch country-based chocolate factory, these especially thick ingots are creamy enough to convert even dark chocolate die-hards to milk chocolate. One side is printed with an angel stirring a boiling pot of chocolate.

To buy: $9 for one 8-ounce bag, wilburbuds.com.


Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates Hanukkah Gelt

Photo by mama-ganache.com

Stamped with doves flying over sunrays, these fair trade certified chocolates come in milk chocolate, or 70 percent dark chocolate—which, bonus, is also vegan.

To buy: $8.50 for one 15-piece bag, mama-ganache.com.


Li-Lac Chocolates Gold Coins

Photo by li-lacchocolates.com

It’s no surprise that Manhattan’s oldest chocolate shop makes more than chocolate roses. Here, you’ll find high-quality milk chocolate gelt printed with Lady Liberty and an eagle. Buying this pick in bulk will pay off.

To buy: $28 for one 16-ounce container (112 coins), li-lacchocolates.com.


Divine Chocolate 70 Percent Dark Chocolate Coins

Photo by naturalcandystore.com

Wrapped in silver instead of gold foil, this fair trade certified offering is made from single-origin West African chocolate—from a company that’s co-owned by the community that actually grows the cacao beans.

To buy: $3.50 for one 1.75-ounce bag, shop.divinechocolateusa.com.