If your dad is notoriously difficult to shop for, give him a Father’s Day present he can’t help but love: a photo of the two of you in a DIY leather frame personalized just for him. Leather, whether real or faux, lends a luxe touch to an inexpensive frame (even one from the dollar store will work), while a hand-painted design makes it feel special. With a set of stencils and acrylic paint, you can embellish the leather border with a monogram, a heartfelt message, or a decorative pattern. This stylish frame is bound to win a prime spot on Dad’s desk.

What You Need

  • Matted picture frame (we used this one)
  • Leather or faux leather strip, the same width as the frame and long enough to wrap around the frame (such as this one)
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Letter adhesive stencils (we used these)

Follow These Steps

  1. Using a craft knife and working on a cutting mat, cut leather strips the length of the sides of the frame. Let a ruler guide the cut and use several passes to cut all the way through the leather.
  2. To make angled edges, place a leather strip on the bottom of the frame and use a ruler and a pencil or chalk to draw a line from the inner bottom right corner of the frame to the outer bottom right corner of the frame. Cut along the line with a craft knife. Continue making angled cuts to the ends of each leather strip so that the angles line up at each corner.
  3. Apply hot glue to the back of one strip of leather and attach it to the frame. Continue securing the other three strips of leather.
  4. To personalize the frame with a monogram or message for Dad, place adhesive stencils on the frame and fill them in with craft paint. Remove the stencils and allow the paint to dry completely. 

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