Sometimes it's the thought that counts the most. These creative cakes show dad that you were willing to go above and beyond for his special day. 

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for (we get stumped every birthday, around the holidays, and of course, on Father’s Day), which is why we prefer to give the gift of cake. No dad can resist a homemade sweet treat, especially when it’s baked with love by his spouse, kids, or grandkids. We rounded up a number of colorful, festive cakes that celebrate the things (most) dads love—whether it’s a round of golf, burgers on the grill, or munching on Cracker Jacks at the baseball stadium all summer long. And if your dad’s not a cake person, we’ve included a cookie cake, too, which is decorated to look like a savory pepperoni pizza. Don’t be intimidated by what may look like intricate detail work. We avoided any cakes that require special equipment or fondant (which makes for a perfect-looking cake but doesn’t taste all that great). Instead, we opted for recipes with big wow factor, while still easy enough for anyone to pull off—and are fun to make, too! Feel free to start with a store-bought cake mix, leaving you time for frosting and decorating the cake. And don’t hesitate to swap in dad’s favorite cake flavor: if the recipe calls for chocolate but he’s a sucker for red velvet, simply proceed with a red velvet cake. This day is all about him, after all, so be sure and tailor the dessert to his liking. If you’re lucky, he just might share the leftovers.

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