Easter Cupcake Recipes

Between the appetizers, the side dishes, and the impressive glazed ham, there’s no shortage of food on Easter Sunday. So by the time dessert rolls around, it can be hard to imagine taking another bite. That’s why Easter cupcakes are the ideal Easter treat—they’re small enough to enjoy even after a big meal, and they’re simple to make, transport, and serve to a crowd. Our collection of Easter cupcake recipes shows off how simple it is to make an impressive-looking dessert, whether you’re planning on decorating the cupcakes to resemble bunnies or baskets, or keeping it classic with a simple frosted top. Cupcakes can be enjoyed at any time of day, making them a suitable dessert for Easter brunch or Easter dinner (and, of course, as leftovers for days to come). Easter is also an excuse for carrot cake-lovers to whip up their favorite treat—and we suggest nothing less than carrot cake cupcakes with browned butter cream cheese frosting.
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