Easter Brunch Recipes

Ready, set, brunch! Kick off your holiday celebration with some of our tasty Easter brunch recipes, all of which are easy enough to accomplish over coffee but festive enough to impress a crowd. A batch of piping hot buttermilk biscuits or scones is always a hit—and of course, hot cross buns are practically required. Or maybe you're craving something savory? We've got dozens of ideas for fluffy quiches, decadent stratas, or creamy baked eggs. Better yet, get a jump on planning by whipping up a breakfast casserole on Saturday—and come Sunday morning, just pop it into the oven before guests arrive. A glazed ham makes a glorious Easter brunch centerpiece, but if you're in the mood for something a little different this year, an avocado skillet hash or a coffee-crusted pork tenderloin is a quick and simple twist on the classic. Finally, if you're not bursting full of jellybeans yet, we've got a ton of dessert ideas—lemon apricot cheesecake, anyone?—that every "bunny" will love.

Potato, Egg, and Avocado Hash

Hold the toast this 
a.m. Instead, use your avocados to top this one-skillet vegetarian crowd-pleaser.

Potato, Ham, and Spinach Frittata

Our Potato, Ham, and Spinach Frittata, served with a quick and easy side salad, is one of those truly anytime meals. Cook it for breakfast or brunch when you’ve got houseguests, or make it for a hearty, healthy dinner (and keep a few slices for leftover lunches). It’s satisfying no matter what time of day. And while our recipe calls for potatoes, onion, frozen spinach, cheddar, and deli ham, you can mix it up to your family’s taste, substituting other cheese, deli meats, fresh spinach, and even other vegetables, sautéed with the onions at the very beginning. Flexible, in terms of timing, and very versatile.

Italian Baked Eggs

Consider a baked egg dish like this one for a hearty brunch entree that’s ready in 25 minutes. After baking toasting some mozzarella over a crusty baguette, you’ll brown turkey sausage in a skillet, then sauté onion and garlic. That creates a deep, flavorful base for the tomato sauce (a can of crushed tomatoes with fresh oregano). Simmer the sauce a bit, then crack four eggs directly over the sauce and bake until set. That last step, throwing the whole pan in a warm oven, takes just under 10 minutes, which leaves the perfect amount of time to pour coffee or orange juice and set the table.

Easter Brunch Recipes for Every Style

Celebrate spring and impress your guests without breaking a sweat.

Maple-Glazed Ham

Looking for the ultimate glaze for ham? Look no further. Our glaze combines pure maple syrup, brown sugar, and cayenne pepper for a coating that’s savory and sweet, with just the right amount of kick. And there’s not much prep involved in making the glaze itself. Rather, as your ham roasts, you’ll mix the glaze ingredients together in a bowl, and brush the mixture over the meat two times, in its last 40 minutes of baking. This relatively hands-off approach makes it easy to cook side dishes and set the table while your maple-glazed main finishes cooking in the oven.

Glazed Ham With Coriander and Fennel

This is a ham glaze recipe you’ll want to keep tucked away for special suppers. The resulting ham slices have a sweet and savory flavor guests can’t quite pinpoint; in other words, this method is wildly different than the countless brown sugar and maple glazes out there. We used dried fennel and coriander seeds, along with whole black peppercorns and apricot preserves. Simply crush the seeds and peppercorns and stir them with the jam to form a spreadable glaze, which you’ll brush over the ham during its final stretch in the oven. Serve the ham with the remaining glaze on the side.

Brown Sugar and Black Pepper Glazed Ham

We took the idea behind a standard brown sugar ham glaze and amped it up a notch, with a bit of dry mustard and black pepper. The result? Not too sweet, not too spicy, and bursting with flavor. After brushing this glaze over your ham about 30 minutes before it’s completely cooked (and repeating the glazing process with the pan juices during the remaining cooking time), you’ll make a tender, juicy ham that’ll satisfy lovers of your tradition but also surprise and delight guests with a more sophisticated palate. All told, this ham takes just under three hours to bake, so you have plenty of time to prepare sides, as well.

Baked Eggs With Spinach and Tomatoes

This dairy-free egg bake is a bit of a breakfast and brunch hybrid. Part egg casserole, part baked egg dish—maybe even part frittata. In other words, it’s versatile and appeals to a variety of tastes, thanks to a smart technique we devised to make the most of fully cooked egg whites and still-runny yolks: After cooking garlic, tomatoes, and spinach in a skillet, you’ll transfer the vegetables to a baking dish. Next, beat the egg whites and pour them over the vegetables before carefully spooning the yolks over the top. Scoop servings out onto plates (some people might want the yolks, while others might skip them).

Baked Eggs With Beans and Lamb Sausage

Lamb sausage, cannellini beans, eggs, and more: Ready in just 25 minutes, this hearty, complex one-pan supper delivers protein and flavor in droves. In a single skillet, you’ll brown two lamb sausages, breaking it into chunks. Then you’ll pour in a can of diced tomatoes and beans, and warm the mixture until heated through. Create four little wells in the skillet for your eggs, and carefully crack the eggs directly into their respective spots. After 10 minutes in the oven, dinner (or one filling breakfast or brunch) is served. A side salad’s optional, and a bit of crusty bread is encouraged.

Baked Eggs With Cream and Herbs

Baked eggs are ideal for a low-maintenance breakfast that’s also hearty and satisfying. Oftentimes, baked eggs are prepared in bowls with a bit of tomato sauce. To make this version even more versatile, we baked eggs in beds of heavy cream, so, in case they’re part of a larger brunch, they work equally well with accompanying dishes that are both savory and sweet. You’ll crack eggs into individual ramekins with cream, then bake them in a 425-degree oven for 12 or 12 minutes. Just enough time to pour some orange juice and coffee, chop up a little fruit, and set up the buffet.