5 Tiny Candies That Actually Fit in Easter Eggs

Everything you need for the ultimate Easter egg hunt.


Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs


There’s more to these festive pastel eggs than meets the eye. At the center is a fluffy vanilla-scented marshmallow, which is dipped in milk chocolate and covered in a crunchy candy shell. Each shipment is complete with an assortment of pink, green, yellow, and white eggs.

To buy: $7.50; sugarfina.com.

Photo by sugarfina.com

Knipschildt Chocolate Robin Eggs


These tiny robins' eggs come packaged in a mini carton, making them officially the cutest Easter treat ever. Once they arrive (and you snap a few pics), unload the chocolate eggs—which have a milk chocolate caramel ganache—into plastic eggs for the kids’ baskets.

To buy: $27; deandeluca.com.

Photo by deandeluca.com

Sour Gummy Bunnies


Fans of Sour Patch Kids will go crazy for these bunnies, which get dusted with a sugar coating and pack a tart punch. Flavors range from key lime to pink grapefruit, ensuring there’s a favorite for every sour candy lover.

To buy: $12; williams-sonoma.com.

Photo by williams-sonoma.com


Baby Butterflies


These miniature gummies scream “Spring!” Each colored butterfly features a different flavor: strawberry, lemon, apple, and raspberry. They’re a great option for anyone who doesn’t like chocolate.

To buy: $7.50; sugarfina.com.

Photo by sugarfina.com

Dark Chocolate Eggs


Sure, it’s fun to switch it up with some less-traditional candies. But at the end of the day, no Easter basket is complete without a solid dark chocolate egg. These ones are beautifully wrapped in jewel-toned foil.

To buy: $7.50; sees.com.

Photo by sees.com