Bring all of your family and friends together this Easter with a great meal or party. You’ll find unique ideas for any kind of crowd, whether it’s a more grown-up affair or your house will be swarming with kids. If the thought of hosting an Easter celebration is making you stressed already, don’t worry, we have tips and tricks to make your party go smoothly. First, you’ll want to start with the Easter menu: Try twists on the classic ham recipe—or serve brunch items if you’re hosting a morning gathering. While you’re dreaming up what to serve, you’ll need to set the table with some pretty decorations. Pick something you can keep out all spring to stretch your time and effort. Another big Easter tradition is the egg hunt, so take a look at these egg dye ideas and follow these tips to plan a memorable one for the kids.

Potato, Ham, and Spinach Frittata

Our Potato, Ham, and Spinach Frittata, served with a quick and easy side salad, is one of those truly anytime meals. Cook it for breakfast or brunch when you’ve got houseguests, or make it for a hearty, healthy dinner (and keep a few slices for leftover lunches). It’s satisfying no matter what time of day. And while our recipe calls for potatoes, onion, frozen spinach, cheddar, and deli ham, you can mix it up to your family’s taste, substituting other cheese, deli meats, fresh spinach, and even other vegetables, sautéed with the onions at the very beginning. Flexible, in terms of timing, and very versatile.

Flower Pot Cupcake Cones

This adorable and unexpected cone treat makes for a fun (and tasty!) baking project with the kids. And thankfully, the pre-oven prep actually results in minimal mess. Unlike cape pops or other multi-step sweets, our Flower Pot Cupcake Cones have a few simple steps: You actually bake chocolate cake batter inside each cone to create 24 individual cupcake, covered in a crispy, crunchy shell. Once the batter’s baked through and cooled, frost the top of each treat, roll the icing in crushed cookies, and add an edible sugar bloom to the top of each “pot.” It’s the perfect afternoon project to welcome spring.

Easter Bunny Butt Cake

We just couldn’t help ourselves.

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Italian Baked Eggs

Consider a baked egg dish like this one for a hearty brunch entree that’s ready in 25 minutes. After baking toasting some mozzarella over a crusty baguette, you’ll brown turkey sausage in a skillet, then sauté onion and garlic. That creates a deep, flavorful base for the tomato sauce (a can of crushed tomatoes with fresh oregano). Simmer the sauce a bit, then crack four eggs directly over the sauce and bake until set. That last step, throwing the whole pan in a warm oven, takes just under 10 minutes, which leaves the perfect amount of time to pour coffee or orange juice and set the table.

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Easter Centerpieces That Will Complete Your Party Table

This Easter Sunday, whether you’re gathering with family friends for brunch and an egg hunt or for a traditional dinner with all the trimmings, you’ll need to set the table with some festive décor. Sure, the company can’t be beat and everyone always looks forward to the classic Easter dishes (ham or lamb, frittatas or breakfast casseroles) and delicious desserts (carrot cake or coconut cake)—but set the table for a festive affair... and you're guaranteed an afternoon your guests won’t soon forget. If you think you don’t have time to design the perfect tablescape, think again. All it takes is a spring-inspired centerpiece and you’re good to go. You don’t have to have splurge on an expensive tablecloth or Easter china for the day, just use your everyday dinnerware and place a show stopping arrangement in the middle. And if you think you have to spend a fortune on the centerpiece, you can easily make your own. We rounded up some great options for both novice and expert crafters. Having a lot of kids over for your Easter gathering? There’s a bunny centerpiece complete with real grass and chocolate “carrots.” Or if you don’t have much time to take on a craft project, take a bouquet of tulips and split them up in assorted mason jars for a colorful, rustic look. And if the main event is the Easter egg hunt, get the party started with egg-inspired centerpieces, including one with egg “flowers” and another that’s a topiary. Get ready to wow your guests with these clever ideas.

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