5 DIY Menorahs That Will Light Up All Eight Nights 

Need a fun, seasonal craft to celebrate the holiday? Choose from one of these inspired projects.


Hanukkiah from Recycled Materials

Photo by Meri Cherry

This glittery menorah is comprised of a hodge podge of supplies from your craft closet, making it colorful, personal, and kid-friendly. You could spend an entire day filling the tiny jars with the perfect combination of sparkles, buttons, and beads.

Photo and idea from Meri Cherry. Get the tutorial here.


Glowstick Menorah

Photo by Momfluential

Finally—a use for those leftover glow sticks collecting dust after your child’s birthday party. You can craft a completely safe, fire-free menorah that glitters and shines for all eight nights.

Photo and idea from Momfluential. Get the tutorial here


Altoids Tin Menorah

Photo by Bible Belt Balabusta

This adorable mini menorah is the perfect size for small children (although you’ll want to light the flames!). It will look adorable next to your larger adult-sized decorations, and the kids will love to see how the tin transforms into a candleholder.

Photo and idea from Bible Belt Balabusta. Get the tutorial here.


Hardware Store Menorah

Photo by Donuts, Dresses and Dirt

Who knew you could shop for holiday decorations at the hardware store? With wood blocks, stickers, and a few nuts, you can create a unique menorah that every child can personalize.

Photo and idea from Donuts, Dresses and Dirt. Get the tutorial here.


Modern Hanukkah Menorah

Photo by Delicate Construction

This sleek, classic DIY design will look great on your mantel or windowsill. Your guests might not even realize it’s a holiday decoration at first.

Photo and idea from Delicate Construction. Get the tutorial here.