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Potato, Ham, and Spinach Frittata

Our Potato, Ham, and Spinach Frittata, served with a quick and easy side salad, is one of those truly anytime meals. Cook it for breakfast or brunch when you’ve got houseguests, or make it for a hearty, healthy dinner (and keep a few slices for leftover lunches). It’s satisfying no matter what time of day. And while our recipe calls for potatoes, onion, frozen spinach, cheddar, and deli ham, you can mix it up to your family’s taste, substituting other cheese, deli meats, fresh spinach, and even other vegetables, sautéed with the onions at the very beginning. Flexible, in terms of timing, and very versatile.

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Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Love

Following behind Mother’s Day, the start of summer, and countless graduation parties, it’s really no wonder Father’s Day has a tendency to creep up unexpectedly. In the scramble to secure a present in time, in can be difficult to find one that shows Dad how much you care. To help speed up your hunt (time’s ticking…) we’ve tracked down 17 great gifts there’s still time to order—and, don’t worry, they definitely won’t look like an afterthought. Foodie dads will appreciate the ultimate breakfast sandwich maker and will be delighted to learn they’re now proud members of the cheese-of-the-month club. Musical dads will love lip-syncing along to their new Bluetooth shower speakers and will be happy to receive a turntable that converts their favorite records into digital music files. Mixed within this list, you may even uncover a few gems you’ll need to order two of—one for you and one for dear dad (I’m looking at you, watermelon keg tapping kit).

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Flower Pot Cupcake Cones

This adorable and unexpected cone treat makes for a fun (and tasty!) baking project with the kids. And thankfully, the pre-oven prep actually results in minimal mess. Unlike cape pops or other multi-step sweets, our Flower Pot Cupcake Cones have a few simple steps: You actually bake chocolate cake batter inside each cone to create 24 individual cupcake, covered in a crispy, crunchy shell. Once the batter’s baked through and cooled, frost the top of each treat, roll the icing in crushed cookies, and add an edible sugar bloom to the top of each “pot.” It’s the perfect afternoon project to welcome spring.