The Secret to Keeping Real Christmas Trees Alive Longer Is This $9 Fertilizer

It prevents needles from constantly falling off, according to Amazon shoppers.
By Amina Lake Abdelrahman
December 09, 2020
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If you’re one of the many people who decided to get a real Christmas tree this year, then you’re probably already trying to figure out how to make it last throughout the holiday season. Luckily, there’s a genius fertilizer that Amazon shoppers say keeps their tree alive well into January each year—and it’s on sale.

Normally priced at about $16 for two bottles, Miracle-Gro for Christmas Trees is nearly half-off right now. The formula is designed to hydrate your tree (whether pine, fir, or spruce), which prevents needles from falling off and ending up all over the floor. As long as you apply the fertilizer every time you water your tree, it’ll stay lush and green for weeks. Shoppers say it “works like a charm.” 

“We used this when we watered our Christmas tree every one to two days for the four weeks the tree was in our house,” said one customer. “By the time we took the tree down in January, its needles were still somewhat springy and pliable, when usually they would be dry as tinder, cracking in half when bent, and falling to the ground when you so much as looked at them funny. This definitely preserved the tree and kept it looking great for the entire Christmas season. I’ll be using it every year!”

The Miracle-Gro fertilizer is super easy to use, especially if you’re already accustomed to properly caring for your Christmas tree. First things first, the brand recommends freshly cutting off half an inch from the bottom of the trunk before placing it in water. Then, for each quart of water that you put in its stand, add one capful of the formula. Don’t forget to regularly check to make sure it has enough water; a good rule of thumb to follow is to immerse at least two inches of the trunk.


To buy: $9 for two (was $16);

Even if you already have your tree set up and fully decorated, plenty of customers insist that as soon they started using the Miracle-Gro, they saw noticeable improvements on trees that they’ve had up for weeks. Others even mention seeing their tree grow thanks to this formula. 

“We put our tree up on December 13. It is now January 10, and the tree is still up,” another shopper wrote earlier this year. “The product definitely lived up to its name, I’ve never had this happen before: Not only did the tree not drop any needles, as of this week it actually has new growth, including a pine cone!” 

Head to Amazon to order the Miracle-Gro while it’s still on sale, and you’ll be on your way to a Christmas tree that lasts the entire holiday season (or longer).