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Where do you draw the line with gift-giving during the holidays? Real Simple’s etiquette expert weighs in.

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17 Unexpected Gift Card Ideas They’ll Love Getting—and You’ll Love Giving

“Gift card ideas? Not for me,” you might say when you’re stumped picking out gifts for teens or struggling to figure out what to give a distant friend. In the past, you may have flat-out refused to consider giving gift cards, but you might have scoffed too soon: Gift cards, especially when they’re thoughtfully chosen, make great gifts. They’re super useful, they give the recipient some decision-making power, and they take some of the pressure off you—what’s not to love? Sure, the gift card was once considered the go-to present for the last-minute shopper, but now, gift card ideas aren’t exactly the impersonal gift they once were. They’re still ridiculously easy to purchase, and now they’re more personal than ever, thanks to the subscriptions and services available for every personality. In many cases, picking a thoughtful gift card that offers the recipient a new opportunity—to travel, to try new foods, to expand their fashion knowledge—is actually even more touching than another generic sweater or lotion gift set. Gift your cinephile friend a Fandango gift card, or your foodie sister a certificate to so she can enjoy the best of artisanal food products. The best gifts are the ones that get used often, and these gift card ideas are sure to be put to use as soon as the holidays are over (if not sooner). Don’t be afraid to substitute a gift card for gifts for dads or white elephant gift ideas (or any other gift need); it’s 2019, and almost everyone is sure to appreciate the thought and effort. Before you stuff that card in a big old envelope, consider using our creative packaging tips to make your gift card present feel extra special. You can scratch that wrapping itch, and the right packaging will enhance whatever experience the gift card offers. RELATED: 15 Creative, Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers

One-Day Holiday and Christmas Shopping Plan

Instead of aimlessly buying gifts throughout the season, use this shopping guide to cross everything off your list in a single day.