And we’re loving it.

By Heath Goldman
Updated December 08, 2016

The candy store chain IT'SUGAR makes a line of holiday candy that’s quite unlike other sweet offerings this season. Their goodies are large, tongue-in-cheek, and positively perfect for a grab bag or Secret Santa exchange.

Take their candy cane: It’s the opposite of the usual offering, which comes in a 12-pack. The one-pound wonder, aptly named “So Big I Cane’t Even,” is about 1½-feet long. It’s the opposite of a forgettable tree ornament, and costs just $10.

Or take a look at their line of gingerbread men cookies. They are giant and jocular. The “You Wanna Piece of Me?” gingerbread man wears an ugly sweater that says, “Bite Me” on it. And the “1/2 Off!” version is a gingerbread man who happens to be missing his legs (he’s also making an incredibly surprised face).

Some of the options, like their “Santa’s Sack of Coal,” are downright hilarious, but far from G-rated—so be warned.

Stock up on hilarious last-minute gifts for your best friend, the family, your secret santa, foodies, or your 4th cousin twice removed—there’s truly something sassy for everyone.

Need a piece of this immediately? It’s Sugar ships nationwide, with an overnight option available for all of you procrastinators out there. Still need something small enough to fit into those Christmas stockings? Check out our list of 6 Stocking Stuffers Foodies Will Love.