These easy recipes will add colors to your eggs the all-natural way.

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Updated February 01, 2021
homemade easter egg dyes - round-up of dye colors
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Easter egg coloring is one of the highlights of the Easter season for many, but doing the same dyes and Easter egg ideas year after year can get a little old. This Easter, you can try something a little new by dying your eggs the same as you always have, but with homemade dyes instead of store-bought ones or food coloring.

There's nothing wrong with using food coloring to make your egg dyes, but if you want to take a more natural route (or a homemade one), making homemade egg dyes is easier than you may think. Plus, there are many benefits to using homemade Easter egg dyes: Most dye recipes use ingredients you may already have around the house, so no need to buy anything extra, and you can eat the eggs (if you want) after they've been dyed because you've used all edible ingredients, so there's less waste involved.

Whether you're finessing the Easter egg designs you discovered last year or working on decor to go along with the Easter egg hunt, these homemade egg dyes will help you have a more homemade celebration. (Just know that the colors may not turn out as vivid as they might with food colorings or store-bought dyes.) Do a little experimenting and blending, and you may soon have egg colors better than anything you could have purchased.

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Blue homemade easter egg dye
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1 Blue Homemade Egg Dye

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Blueberries give this Easter egg dye its pretty hue.

Yellow homemade easter egg dye recipe
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2 Yellow Homemade Egg Dye

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All it takes is a little turmeric to turn your eggs ready-for-spring yellow.

Orange homemade easter egg dye recipe
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3 Orange Egg Dye

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A dash of paprika, a little water, and some vinegar are all you need to make this natural Easter egg dye.

Pink homemade easter egg dye recipe
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4 Pink Egg Dye

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With the help of some frozen raspberries, you can give your dyed eggs a playful pink shade.

Brown homemade easter egg dye recipe
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5 Brown Egg Dye

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Help your white eggs look a little more natural—or create a canvas for some next-level Easter egg art—with this easy brown egg dye.

Green homemade easter egg dye recipe
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6 Green Egg Dye

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Mix blue and yellow egg dye to make a leafy green color that lends your dyed eggs plenty of seasonal flair.