7 Homemade Easter Baskets That Double as Pretty Decorations

Repurpose household items to make these DIY baskets.

Paper Mache Basket
Photo: Emily Kinni

Why buy your Easter basket when you can make one that's even prettier? These crafts start with household items as a base (think paint cans, paper, and jars), and end as beautiful baskets, ready to be filled with Easter treats or a few Easter gifts. If you already have baskets for your crew, you can include these crafts as part of your Easter decorations, or place them on your Easter breakfast table at each guest's place—they're adorable when they're loaded with beautifully decorated Easter eggs.

Crafts developed by Morgan Levine

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Paper Mache Easter Basket

Paper Mache Basket
Emily Kinni

This charming paper mache option is perfect for an indoor egg hunt.

1. Use craft glue and tissue paper to create a bowl form around an inflated balloon, building up several layers. Applying Vaseline to the balloon beforehand allows for easier release once the tissue paper is dry.

2. Use a circle punch to create contrasting colored dots out of construction paper, and apply them to the bowl shape with glue.

3. Create a handle by twisting two strips of tissue paper around each other. Fasten the handle to the bowl shape with glue.

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Solo Cup Easter Basket

Solo Cup Basket
Emily Kinni

If you're making tiny Easter nests for a crowd, this might be the perfect inexpensive option. All you need is a few Solo cups and a little hot glue.

1. Purchase various colors of plastic cups—each "basket" will use four cups. If you don't want four separate colors, you could alternate with just two.

2. Cut the edges of each cup into patterns. All should be different heights so that each color shows through. We chose a jagged edge. Save one of the rims.

3. Remove the bottoms from three of the cups. The innermost cup should keep its bottom.

4. Nest the cups together to create a colorful pattern.

5. Create a handle with the rim of a plastic cup and attach it to the edge with hot glue.

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Sticker Embellished Paint Can

Homemade Easter Baskets: Sticker Embellished Paint Can
Emily Kinni

Paint cans are the perfect size for an easy-to-craft Easter basket. Used ones may be difficult to clean thoroughly enough to make it food safe, but you can purchase new, unused paint cans at a hardware store, like Home Depot.

1. Buy Easter-themed stickers at your local craft store—we chose a flower theme.

2. Apply stickers to the can.

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Recycled Can Easter Basket

Recycled Can Basket
Emily Kinni

This homemade basket can be sized how you please—choose a more generously sized coffee or tomato can for a larger basket, or beans or soup for a smaller one.

1. Wrap a tin can in yarn. You can adhere the yarn to the can using craft glue—we used MagnaTac because it dries almost instantly.

2. Wrap a few strands of contrasting colored yarn towards the top of the can.

3. Create a handle using braided yarn. A thicker braid (using multiple pieces of yarn for each strand) will result in a handle that stands up on its own.

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Hardened Twine Basket

Hardened Twine Basket
Emily Kinni

A rustic-looking handmade Easter basket can be as elaborate or simple as you choose, when you're designing it with household twine.

1. Cover a glass bowl in Vaseline and turn it upside down.

2. Saturate a long piece of twine in craft glue. Only soak about 12 inches at a time to avoid tangling, and wrap it around the bowl.

3. Allow craft glue to dry—this will help the twine harden around the shape.

4. Once dry, slip the bowl out of the twine (that's what the Vaseline is for!).

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Easter Jar

Easter Jar
Emily Kinni

This charming alternative to the traditional Easter basket could also make a beautiful addition to your Easter decorations.

1. You'll need to purchase a mason jar, or use an old salsa or other sauce jar that has been thoroughly cleaned.

2. Cut out grass and flower shapes from sheets of tissue paper.

3. Use Mod Podge to decoupage them onto a glass jar.

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Woven Paper Basket

Woven Paper Easter Basket
Emily Kinni

You probably crafted Easter baskets like this when you were a kid—now you can pass the Easter tradition on to your kids.

1. Cut four 21-inch long strips of paper in two colors and 11 15-inch long strips in two colors. All strips should be one inch in width.

2. Line up five of the 15-inch strips in alternating colors side by side.

3. Weave a 15-inch strip of paper through those five strips, and continue with an additional four strips in alternating colors. Slide strips of paper so they are all touching and there are no gaps between any of the strips. You should have a 5-by-5 grid of squares in the center of the strips. This is the base of your basket.

4. Fold the ends of the strips up at the edge of the square grid to create sides. Weave the remaining four 21-inch strips of paper through the strips on the side, fastening ends with glue and alternating colors.

6. Fold the one-inch overhang into the basket and fasten with glue.

7. Glue the last 15-inch strip to the basket to create a handle.

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