Halloween is a time to get creative with fun crafts and festive decorations. For those who go all out with a big bash, greet guests with scary wreaths and door décor, and then work a little magic inside with impressive DIY ideas for your Halloween table. Need help? These super creative Halloween crafts add flair and keep the kids busy while you’re decorating. And, even if you don’t transform your whole home into a spooky graveyard, there’s no excuse to miss out on the fun—set aside an hour or so to carve a pumpkin. Or, if you’re really short on time, try no-carve pumpkins or even just make a few of these easy seasonal recipes. Start the day with an all-natural pumpkin spice latte (that’s right—there’s no need to buy one!) and round out the evening with a candy-studded dessert or an apple pie that’ll make your whole house smell like an orchard.

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Caramel Almond Pears

Caramel apples may be more traditional, but caramel pears are way more fun. For easy dipping (and eating), look for small, firm-ripe varieties, such as Seckel. After dipping each one in the homemade caramel, we rolled the pears in chopped almonds to add a nice salty crunch. But feel free to use whatever nut you please: toasted hazelnuts, walnuts, or peanuts would all be delicious. Though it may be tempting to devour immediately, letting the treats cool to room temperature will help the caramel firm. Serve them as a fun after-dinner dessert, or put them out at your Halloween party.

9 Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Sometimes, the world of Halloween desserts is a scary place. That “bloody brains bowl” looks a little too much like, well, bloody brains to be appetizing. But have no fear: these nine cupcakes strike the perfect balance between cute and spooky. Like the surface of a round sugar cookie, cupcakes are the perfect canvas for your artistic creations. Take your pick between options like gorgeous glittery pumpkin cupcakes, adorable “Fraidycat” cupcakes, or appropriately creepy vampire cupcakes. Each recipe calls for just a handful of ingredients, no more than 6 total. If you have some extra time, whip up a batch of your favorite cupcakes and frosting because fresh is always better. However, if you’re in a pinch the great news is you can always buy premade cupcakes from the bakery section of your grocery store and decorate those. Or make your own cupcakes and frost with store-bought icing. We recommend picking up an inexpensive small offset spatula to help with a super neat and speedy frosting job. You’ll be assembling each cupcake with a variety of toppings, so small glass bowls that keep your decorating station organized will be your best friends. If you’re making ahead, store them on a large plate or tray or cake stand and loosely tent or wrap them in plastic to keep them fresh. When you’re displaying your cupcakes, try dispersing several votive candles between them for an extra festive, extra shadowy touch.

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