Win at this year’s costume party with one of these creative disguises.

June 02, 2017

In need of some serious costume inspiration for the upcoming fall festivities? Your next favorite Halloween costume shouldn’t be difficult to put together. And most of all, it should be unique, fun, and match your personality. Are you feeling nostalgic for a formative TV series you once loved? Or perhaps you’re dying to try out an easy celebrity-inspired Halloween costume? Or maybe you've totally lost faith in finding the right costume for you? Don’t give up on the hunt quite yet! Whatever your dilemma this Halloween, Real Simple has a great option for you. From the art-obsessed to the master of puns, it’s simple to find the ideal costume you can make in a flash. With one of these selections, you can think less about what you’ll wear and more about all of the candy you’re going to gobble up. 

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