Here’s our editors ’ consensus on the drink.


This Halloween, Starbucks is back with a special edition Frappuccino. And, of course, it’s seasonally appropriate. Returning to stores from October 27-31 is the “Frappula,” a Dracula-inspired white chocolate and strawberry blended drink.

The drink is white chocolate mocha sauce blended with milk and ice, poured atop a mocha sauce and whipped cream base. It then receives an oozing of strawberry puree around the rim. It’s topped off with a dollop of whipped cream that’s playfully pierced with a straw twice, making it look like the drink was fanged by the Count himself.

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The consensus? Though the eerie presentation was appreciated, we had some bad blood with the drink itself. Our testers didn’t think the drink had a taste that would set it apart from similarly flavored drinks on the menu. So we’re really hoping that the next limited edition Frappucino is a more distinct offering. Here are a few more of our thoughts:

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“It pretty much tasted like strawberry shortcake in a drink form.”

“It definitely smells better than it tastes. The berry flavor is pretty muted, and it’s a little too sweet for me!”

“I thought it tasted like strawberry milk. I wouldn't order it, because I'm looking for beverages that give more of a coffee buzz—particularly this time of year when the days are shorter and I’m busier than ever!”

“The concept is cute (and a little creepy), but I don’t think the drink itself is worth the price. That said, I will definitely be using this technique to jazz up my own homemade Halloween drinks!”

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