The 9 Best Scary Movies on Hulu for Huluween

The top streaming screams for your scaring pleasure.

As a kid, the best part about Halloween was trick-or-treating and stuffing myself sick on sweet treats. But now that I’m older, the thing I look forward to most is curling up on the couch and scaring myself silly with Halloween movies. If you’ve burned through all the horror flicks on Netflix, don’t fear! There is so much more fear to be had.

Whether you’re looking for scary classics, horror-comedies, or maybe even the unexpected foreign gem, Hulu is brimming with scary Halloween flicks. Among the network's seasonal "Huluween" collection of spooky titles are several that deserve their own spotlight because, well, they’re just that good (and Hulu's library navigation sometimes make them hard to find). To help you find the right signals among the noise, we picked the best to refresh your scare queue. Grab your favorite Halloween candy (candy corn is prohibited) and brace yourself for a squirm-worthy, spooktacular Huluween.

1. The Body

Since its inception in 2018, I’ve watched every movie in Hulu’s monthly Into the Dark anthology series (each installment is a bloody thriller inspired by a particular holiday), and I stand by the fact that the first is the best (don’t @ me).

October 31 is the only date in the calendar year when someone can drag a corpse around the streets without anyone thinking twice. The Body revolves around a hitman who uses this to his advantage. A wild series of events ensue when his real-life victim is mistaken as an authentic-looking Halloween costume accessory.

2. The Host

This 2006 South Korean classic is a monster film like no other. For fans of Oscar winner Parasite, this movie was also directed by Bong Joon-Ho (and is just as good). In classic Bong style, he dilutes the horror element with a dash of comedy for a satirical twist. When the American military dumps chemicals into the waterway, a mysterious ocean creature emerges from the River Han and snatches a local vendor’s daughter, pushing her father to embark on a crazed quest to save her.

3. Cabin in the Woods

If you’ve seen any horror movie ever, you know that lodging out in the middle of the woods is probably a bad idea. Lucky for us horror fans, these dumb teens don’t know that. One by one, they fall victim to terrifying monsters. Familiar ground, right? But this isn’t just any cliché slasher film—the entire plot is manipulated by an evil government bureaucracy, creating a refreshing spin on an overdone genre.

4. Anna and the Apocalypse

Just imagining the first pitch meeting for this movie is entertainment in itself. You probably won’t realize in the first 20 minutes or so that this is a scary movie. It starts off as a jolly musical that could be taken out of context for a cheesy Disney flick. But things take a jolting 180 when a zombie infection hits town, resulting in a horror holiday musical you didn’t know you needed (think High School Musical meets The Walking Dead).

Side note: Anna (Ella Hunt) belting “What a time to be alive,” oblivious to the murderous mayhem raging behind her is one of the best scenes in musical history.

5. Clovehitch Killer

The tension factor is a solid 10 in this movie featuring a son’s rising suspicion that his Christian-rooted family dad could be a notorious murderer. Unlike a lot of other scary movies (we won’t name names), this one isn’t littered with tacky jump scares and a slew of violence. Instead, an undercurrent of quiet discomfort drives the scary ambiance all the way through.

6. Crawl

Crawl is what you get when you mash Jaws with alligators (a worthy combo). As if a Category 5 hurricane isn’t bad enough, a more unfortunate natural disaster unfolds when the storm lets loose on an alligator farm, forcing a father-daughter duo to navigate rising waters and carnivorous reptiles.

Fair warning: You’ll probably end up watching half the movie through your fingers.

7. The Lodge

One of the newer movies on this list, The Lodge showcases the most awkward family getaway of all time. A father thinks a family retreat to a remote winter cabin over the holidays would be a good idea (sigh), but he is suddenly forced to depart for work, leaving the kids alone with his new girlfriend (whom they naturally despise). When a blizzard traps the group inside with no escape, strange things start bubbling up inside the eponymous lodge.

8. Villains

Bill Skarsgård (star of It) and Maika Monroe (star of It Follows) is the dream dynamic duo you’d expect in this comedy-horror thriller. The couple is pursuing their successful “career” as amateur criminals, but that all changes when a typical breaking-and-entering heist goes terribly wrong—and they realize a little too late that they’ve chosen the wrong house to intrude.

9. The Shining

Unless you’ve watched it a thousand times like I have, this horror classic is not for the faint of heart (which I wish my parents had told me when I first watched it as a kid). The image of Jack Nicholson’s face leering behind the door still gives me chills to this day.

In case you're not familiar with the plot, here’s the gist: A writer takes his family to an isolated hotel to cure his writer’s block, but finds something else instead. I don’t know if I’d call it inspiration exactly, but Stephen King would probably be impressed.

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