Halloween Pumpkin Carving And Decorating Ideas

You don’t to be an expert carver—or even an amateur artist—to come up with an eye-catching pumpkin this year. Just browse our collection of easy, creative pumpkin carving ideas to turn your gourd into a Halloween highlight. We have loads of pumpkin-picking tips and tricks, including secrets to spotting a good one and keeping it from bruising, plus ways to lengthen your Jack-o-lantern’s shelf life. Want to throw a pumpkin decorating party? Find clever hosting tips and simple recipes for seasonal treats like mulled cider and sweet and salty pumpkin seeds. Get the scoop on goop-removing tools to prep your pumpkin, and pick up plenty of knife know-how: the best knives for carving a pumpkin versus stabbing through tough parts, carving 101 step-by-steps, and more. Turn to our troubleshooting primer for quick fixes for mess-ups and pieces that won’t pop out. Prefer to skip any slicing? Our artful, no-carve pumpkin design ideas will inspire you too.

Sweet and Salty Pumpkin Seeds

Turn each and every pumpkin seed you pull from that Halloween Jack-o-lantern into a tasty treat. Yep, our recipe, which calls for the seeds of two medium fresh pumpkins, results in the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and crunchy—the trifecta for one sanely addictive snack. After you rinse and pat dry the seeds, you’ll toss them with butter, sugar, salt, and a bit of cinnamon. Sip some warm apple cider and bask in one of those ideal fall days that combines sweater weather, pumpkin crafts, and this homemade classic the whole family will love. You’ll want to Pin this for next year, too.

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