Pinterest is the key to keeping up with this year’s trends in Halloween costume ideas.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated September 24, 2019
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Every year, Halloween arrives on October 31, and every year, most people struggle to find good, doable Halloween costume ideas. Last-minute Halloween costumes are always an option, but some people love Halloween and everything to do with it and will spend weeks or even months coming up with and executing their Halloween costume ideas. Between watching all the Halloween movies on Netflix and keeping up with Halloween ideas and trends, coming up with a wholly original costume can be challenging—but there are some popular Halloween costume ideas that everyone will be wearing this year.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a costume no one else does, but there’s also some fun to be had in being one of many people dressed as a specific character or symbol at the Halloween party. When you wear a trendy costume, you’re in the know; you’re part of the running cultural narrative, and you’re at the forefront of the costume conversation. Plus, there’s always the chance your take on a popular Halloween costume idea beats out all the others in creativity or authenticity.

If you want to be on top of the Halloween costume trends this year—if even to avoid the costumes everyone else will be wearing—turn to Pinterest’s 2019 Halloween Report. This annual report captures the costume ideas (plus Halloween decoration ideas, snack inspiration, and more) that are rising in popularity already. It’s more than likely that these trends will continue to grow as Halloween nears, so keeping an eye on what people getting an early start on their Halloween planning are gravitating toward is a great way to stay aware of what’s going to be big this spooky season.

Read on for the popular Halloween costume ideas of 2019 (including couple Halloween costumes and group Halloween costumes) and start planning—Halloween will be here before you know it, and you’ll have plenty of time to memorize Halloween quotes and Halloween puns once your costume is taken care of.

The top Halloween costume ideas 2019

Entertainment powerhouses—popular TV shows and movies, mostly, with a few pop culture icons thrown in—often help determine which Halloween costumes will be big in a particular year. In 2019, The Powerpuff Girls and Netflix’s Stranger Things are most popular entertainment-inspired costume ideas in the U.S., according to Pinterest’s analysis of pins and searches growing in popularity. Other top cinematic sources of costume inspiration are Alien, Beetlejuice, and Toy Story.

So-called generic Halloween costume ideas are also popular, though, as they are year after year. Circus-themed costumes, witch costumes, and pirate costumes are all popular in the U.S. and globally; mermaid costumes are also big in several countries.

For people spurning couples Halloween costumes or group Halloween costumes, trending costume ideas are alien-inspired (which is up 659 percent in popularity), Gwen Stacy from the Spider-Man franchise, Elton John (as inspired by the film Rocketman, searches for Elton John costume inspiration are up 442 percent), space cowboy, and Freddie Mercury (as seen in this year’s Bohemian Rhapsody movie). People are also searching for plus-size Halloween costumes for women and adaptive costumes—searches for wheelchair Halloween costumes are up 26 percent, meaning more and more people are looking to join in the Halloween fun.

Couples Halloween costumes

Whether you’re looking to go trick-or-treating (or Halloween party hopping) as a couple with a significant other or with your best friend, paired Halloween costumes are more popular than ever. Pinterest found that searches for Halloween couples costumes have grown by 367 percent, while searches for BFF Halloween costumes are 250 percent more popular than last year.

The top trending couples Halloween costumes (or BFF costumes) are Lilo and Stitch, Timon and Pumba (from The Lion King), Woody and Bo Peep (from Toy Story), Velma and Daphne (from Scooby Doo), and couples costumes inspired by Pulp Fiction. If you’re planning to celebrate Halloween as a pair, these Halloween costume ideas are a great place to find inspiration.

Group Halloween costumes

Sometimes, your Halloween crew (or your costume ambitions) involve more than two people. This is where group Halloween costume ideas come in handy—with the right idea, all your friends (or the whole family) can dress in sync. This year, Stranger Things–inspired group costumes are trending, having grown in popularity by 653 percent. In particular, people are looking to dress up as Steve Harrington or the Demogorgon, but anyone from the show is fair game this year.

Other popular group costume ideas include The Powerpuff Girls (which has grown in popularity 379 percent, likely due to the 2016 remake of the iconic cartoon). Families celebrating the holiday together are dressing as characters from The Lion King, Aladdin, and Toy Story, proving that remakes and sequels of old favorites can continue to offer plenty of Halloween inspiration.

Halloween costumes for women

In its Halloween report, Pinterest also pulled out the top costume idea searches by people identifying as female, revealing what many women and girls will be dressing as this Halloween. The top Halloween costume ideas for women are, in order, Powerpuff Girls, pirates, circus-inspired garb, Stranger Things, alien-inspired, mermaids, Harley Quinn (of Batman lore), 80s-inspired, Poison Ivy (another Batman character), and Alice in Wonderland.

Halloween costumes for men

This Halloween, many men (and boys) are looking to dress as characters from their favorite movies and TV shows. The top costume searches by those identifying as male, according to Pinterest, are super hero, Viking, Spider-Man, Joker (from Batman and the eponymous movie out this year), Jedi, animal, circus, pirate, Mad Max, and robot.