Give gourds a night off and try your hand at this quirky and tropical alternative.

By Dawn Perry
Updated September 15, 2017
Philip Friedman
Adam Cruft

Prep the Fruit

Select a slightly underripe pineapple for carving. Look for a firm fruit with green skin and a perky top. Using a sharp knife with a thin and flexible blade, cut off the top 1½ inches of the pineapple, leaving the leaves attached. Set aside.

Adam Cruft

Score the Flesh

Use the knife to cut around the inside of the pineapple skin, leaving about a half inch of yellow flesh intact around the sides. Score the fruit through the core to make it easier to remove.

Adam Cruft

Scoop It Out

Use a large, thin spoon or an ice cream scoop to scrape out the insides and transfer to a bowl. Continue cutting around the edge to loosen the flesh and scooping with the spoon until you get to the bottom inch or so of the pineapple (it will become a lot harder to scoop out when you reach the bottom). Save the insides for piña coladas, pineapple soft serve, or even a topping for pork tacos.

Adam Cruft

Carve the Face

Cut out triangles for eyes—you can use the pineapple “eyes” as a guide—and use the tip of the knife to push the cutouts through to the inside. Cut another triangle for a nose and a scary grin. Keep the carved pineapple in the fridge until darkness falls. Illuminate with a tea light placed in a small jam jar or a flameless candle.