Make your home the coolest and creepiest house on the block with an eye-popping outdoor Halloween decor display.
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If you're into the creepy-crawliest holiday of the year, then odds are you're probably already putting together the outside Halloween decorations for your annual display.

But there's more to putting together the perfect haunted front yard than just collecting some goodies from your local store, says Kris Golojuch, owner of Scareventures, a haunted house theming company. "You want to take some time and make a plan," he says. "You want something that looks like it was thought out, and not just thrown together."

How do you create the ultimate outdoor Halloween decor? Start here.

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Whether you're the type to set up graveyard decorations that get all the local ghouls and goblins congregating, or you're just looking for some simple and striking Halloween front porch ideas, try these spooky DIY ideas to inspire you.

Stick with one theme

You have plenty of scare-inducing options for your Halloween display, from aliens to zombies. But rather than have a little bit of everything, like cute pumpkins paired with serial killers, Golojuch recommends sticking with one theme.

"When you have a big hodgepodge of random props that doesn't have a theme, it looks like you just bought one of everything," he says. "Storytelling is a big part of it—it's better to have one immersive theme and tone throughout." So in other words, if spiders are your thing, make that the focus of your whole display—and don't start introducing zombie corpses.

Know when to stop

We've all seen overkill outdoor Halloween lawn decor, where every inch of real estate is covered with something, and you can't find a place to focus. Instead, highlight quality in lieu of quantity. "Make sure you have adequate spacing so nothing gets lost," Golojuch says. 

Add lights and sound

Even the best outdoor Halloween decorations could use a little extra oomph to take it to the next level—and lights and sound are just the ticket.

"Lighting is huge for a home haunt—you need to highlight and accent props," Golojuch says. Don't opt for a big floodlight, which will wash out your scene—instead use smaller lights to brighten certain elements and create eerie shadows.

It's easy to create a custom creepy playlist, with sounds like owls hooting and wind blowing—and is that a wolf in the distance? "Sound adds so much and makes the scene immersive," Golojuch says. "There are free programs you can use mix these things and make your own custom soundtrack."

Don't be afraid to DIY

Golojuch likes to make his own decorations with building supplies like foam and erosion cloth. But if you're not ready to bring out the power tools, there are some easy things you can do to enhance your display, such as adding clothing or touches of paint to make a plastic skeleton look more authentic.  

Hold back something exciting for Halloween

Refresh your outdoor Halloween display for the big day with something interesting, whether you add spine-chilling jack-o'-lanterns, a few new creepy characters, or an old-school scare possibility.

Golojuch still remembers when a neighbor had a stuffed scarecrow on his porch for the whole month—then sneakily traded it for a real-life person who surprised trick-or-treaters on the big night. 

Halloween Porch Decor

Put out the welcome mat for trick-or-treaters and ghouls and goblins by decking out your porch. If it's a covered porch, it's the perfect spot to use more delicate outdoor Halloween decorations that won't stand up as well to the elements.

Feathered Crows

Feathered Crows


Perch these realistic crows on planters or other Halloween decorations—they're made for the outdoors, but would probably last longest as part of your front porch Halloween decorations.

Gothic Halloween Wreath
Credit: Five Star Floral N Gifts/Etsy

Gothic Halloween Wreath

From $150,

Fancy feathers, a sleek crow, and a generously sized black bow add up to a sophisticated wreath for your front door.

Eye Doorbell for Halloween Porch Decorations

Animated Doorbell With Eye


Greet trick-or-treaters (and other guests) with this animated doorbell that'll definitely draw their eye.

Eyeball Planters
Credit: Pond Scum Ceramics/Etsy

Eyeball Plant Markers

$9 each,

Pop a pair (or a small set) of these creepy eye antennas in your porch planters (or your pumpkin) to create an eye-catching display.

Modern Skull Wreath
Credit: Twisted Pine Wreaths/

Modern Skeleton Wreath

From $55,

This sleek and stylish wreath adds subtle touches of creepy skulls amidst faux eucalyptus and lambs ear.

Snake Skeleton

Skeleton Snake


Set this six-foot-long creeper along a railing or wrap it around a post to add an extra-creepy element to your front porch Halloween decor.

Boo Welcome Mat
Credit: Grandin Road

Boo Doormat


Put out this welcome mat for trick-or-treaters and other Halloween guests. 

Outdoor Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkins are a Halloween decor essential—whether you opt for one of the realistic-looking fakes or the real deal.

Black pumpkin lanterns

Black Pumpkin Lanterns


Looking for a fresh take on traditional pumpkins? These architectural lanterns will add a soft glow to your outdoor pumpkin decor.

Pumpkin Halloween messages stickers
Credit: All Her Glory/Etsy

Modern Pumpkin Stickers


Express a spooky sentiment on your fresh pumpkins with these simple stickers. They can easily be removed so your pumpkins still look festive all the way through Thanksgiving. 

Pumpkin stack

Stacked Pumpkin Halloween Decor


No time to carve? No problem. This cute stack of jack-o'-lanterns can light up your front yard—or they're the perfect addition to a pair of planters flanking your front door. 

pumpkin gourd wreath

Pumpkin and Gourd Wreath


This realistic-looking decorative gourd wreath is the perfect centerpiece for your porch decor.

Pumpkin Welcome Mat
Credit: West Elm

Hand-Painted Gourd-geous Doormat


Welcome guests with this punny pumpkin-themed mat.

Halloween Lawn Decor

Your lawn offers the biggest stretch of land for showcasing your outdoor Halloween decorations—whether you're going for the traditional (and always creepy) graveyard decorations, spiderwebs, or something altogether different.

Zombie flamingo Halloween decorations

Zombie Flamingos

$45 for two,

If your Halloween decoration style tends toward the kitschier side, these cute-and-creepy zombie flamingoes may be just what you needed.

Witch Outdoor Halloween Decor

Holding Hands Witches


Set these witches with glowing orb heads around a foggy, dry ice-filled cauldron, and you've got a spooky centerpiece for your Halloween lawn decor.

Halloween Graveyard Decoration
Credit: Grandin Road

Balkan Vampire Cross Statue


For the perfect Halloween graveyard decorations, invest in higher quality tombstones (like this heavy-duty resin version) that'll last for more than one season. 

Halloween Spider Decorations

Halloween Spider Decorations


This set of generously sized (two to three feet!) spiders are the perfect addition to your Halloween lawn decor. 

Halloween outdoor spiderweb

Outdoor Spiderwebs

$16 for two,

Bigger is better when it comes to Halloween spider decorations, so skip the bags of fluff and opt for a pair of large-scale spiderwebs. (Tangle a few skeletons or bones into it for an even more bone-chilling look.)

Glowing Eyeball String Lights

Glowing Eyeball String Lights


To transform your landscaping into something spine-chilling, string a few sets of eyeball lights into the bushes.