Finally, you can answer that burning question: Which candy rules your town, Skittles or Swedish Fish?

By Marisa Cohen
Updated October 11, 2017
Danny Kim

Does it say something profound about North Dakota that the state’s favorite Halloween candy is Hot Tamales? Do New Yorkers deal with stress by power-eating Sour Patch Kids? And what can we make of the fact that Washingtonians love Tootsie Pops, but West Virginians prefer bubble gum in their lollies, with Blow Pops as their No. 1 trick-or-treating choice?

You can come to whatever deep conclusions you want about this list of favorite Halloween candies in each state, but one thing is for sure—if you want to be unique on October 31, don’t hand out M&Ms in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or California, where almost 2 million pounds of the melt-in-your-mouth goodies are given out.

Check out this interactive map to see which candy is king in your neck of the woods:


This completely frivolous but, let’s admit it, totally fascinating information comes to us from the folks at, a bulk candy distributor that crunched 10 years worth of sales data to give us the state-by-state breakdown.

So if you’re digging through your kids’ plastic pumpkin buckets the day after Halloween and are disappointed that there’s not one stinkin’ pack of Lemonheads, now you know where to go (hint: How are you feeling about a road trip to Lousiana?).