You could have a pumpkin patch right in your own backyard.

By Sarah Yang
October 26, 2017

One of the best things about the Halloween season is choosing the perfect pumpkin at the patch or at the store and then spending the afternoon with friends and family carving the pumpkin, drinking apple cider, and playing games. This year, get a head start and grow your own pumpkins in your backyard to save you a trip (and test your green thumb). Choose from store-bought seeds that are ready for planting, or collect the seeds from a pumpkin you just carved—it’s a pretty easy task. Keep in mind that you’ll need plenty of room in your backyard to space out the seeds, so those who lack outdoor space might want to stick to the pumpkin patch or store. Caring for the pumpkins when they’re in ground can be a time intensive process, but as long as you set a routine, there will be big orange gourds in your garden in just a few months. Here, Danny Watson, The Home Depot garden center associate, shares his tips on how to plant pumpkin seeds.

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