5 Costumes to Get From H&M’s Halloween Shop

Your new go-to for those last-minute costumes.

While Halloween night may be one of our favorite holidays, unfortunately it can take a decent dip into our savings accounts. To save you a ton of money, time, and stress, H&M's new Halloween shop for women and kids is going to be a lifesaver this spooky season. Plus, the line has budget-friendly prices, so you’re not throwing away cash on a costume that’s probably only going to be worn for a few hours. Here are five of our favorite costumes you’ll want to wear.


Unicorn Costume

Photo by hm.com

Unicorns aren’t going anywhere. Dress up in this glittery, magical costume, and you’ll be comfy and cozy for a chilly Halloween night.

To buy: $40; hm.com.


Masquerade Mask

Photo by hm.com

You can never go wrong with a classic cat costume. Simply slip on your favorite all-black attire, and you’ll have an affordable and easy-to-wear costume in no time.

To buy: $10; hm.com.


Jersey Leggings

Photo by hm.com

If uncomfortable costumes aren’t your thing, legging lovers will be overjoyed to know there’s a Halloween outfit made just for them. They’ll be so comfortable, you’ll even want to wear them after trick-or-treating.

To buy: $13; hm.com.


Pirate Dress

Photo by hm.com

For your little girl looking to find hidden treasures on Halloween, this pirate dress will put her in the spirit and encourage her to go on an adventure.

To buy: $25; hm.com.


Vampire Costume

Photo by hm.com

Let your little one channel their inner Dracula with this creepily-cute costume, complete with a cape and plastic vampire teeth.

To buy: $25; hm.com.