These aren’t for the faint of heart.

By Sarah Yang
Updated October 30, 2017
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If Halloween is your favorite time of year, your preferred movie genre is horror, and visiting cemeteries is a normal pastime, you might want to book a stay at one of these haunted rentals on your next trip. Spirits are said to roam these homes across the country—lucky ghost hunters might even catch a sighting during their stay.

Parks-Bowman Mansion

A family of seven daughters built this Garden District, New Orleans home in the 1800s. Tourists can rent the third floor bedroom—known as the “Haunted Bedroom”—which has a queen-size bed, sitting area, and access to the third-floor porch. Visitors have reported seeing a dark-haired girl in a yellow dress, the youngest daughter in the family who died young and was buried nearby. But don’t worry, you might not see her on your visit—the owners say she is very shy.

Rent: $115 per night;

Shamrock House

You can bring a whole crew of amateur ghost hunters to this remote 1925 South Carolina property (it’s about an hour from Asheville), which was originally used as a travel lodge. There are three cabins that can accommodate up to 21 guests. It’s said that the ghost of former owner Nancy can be heard weeping occasionally. The property also has some presidential history, too—former President Lyndon B. Johnson was a guest.

Rate: $380 average per night;

Civil War Farm House

This Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, farmhouse was used as a field hospital after the historic battle in the town. Two bedrooms are available to rent, and guests can use the kitchen, family room, and deck. Spirits of soldiers are said to haunt the home—but the owner says the ghosts are friendly and she has plenty of stories to tell from the 36 years she’s lived in the house.

Rent: $105 per night;

The Texas White House

This charming 1910 bed and breakfast in Fort Worth, Texas has been impeccably restored and guests can enjoy amenities like a gourmet breakfast, cable TV, and afternoon snacks and beverages. Many travelers have reported feeling a ghostly presence in the front room of the property, called the Lone Star Room.

Rate: $140-245 per night;