The Best Witch-Inspired Decorations for Halloween

Witches are one of the most prominent symbols of the spooky holiday. Deck your home out with some of the most creative Halloween witch decorations our editors could find. 

How better to usher in the Halloween season than with a cackling, crooked-nosed woman stirring a cauldron with a pointy hat atop her head? Real Simple’s selection of witch-inspired do-it-yourself decorations features everyone’s favorite lady front and center in a variety of different scenarios. Interested in re-creating a scene straight out of The Wizard of Oz? A pair of striped witch legs placed underneath a pumpkin festooned with a clever quote will get the job done. For a Halloween-specific version of a candle in every window, a broom-riding witch in front of a shadowy “moon” light fixture is sure to elicit some fright of its own. Clipboards emblazoned with a sparkly cauldron, shiny gold lettering, and crinkled ribbon can be leaned against a large bowl of candy, while the simplicity of glittered ombre witch hats can also set the mood. Glow stick brooms are perfect as party favors—or as a substitute for a sugary treat. Finally, a clever “Halloween in a Jar” showcases the woman of the hour interacting with her skeleton friend in a creepy cemetery scenario.


Glitter Witch Hats

Photo by She's {kinda} Crafty

For an original Halloween idea that’s decidedly not spooky, try this ombre glittered witch’s hat in your choice of color. Stacy from She’s {kinda} Crafty suggests starting with a sturdy paper mache hat and then getting to work gluing and glittering to your heart’s content!

Photo and idea from She’s {kinda} Crafty. Get the how-to here.


Witch Legs

Photo by Me Sew Crazy

Jazz up your porch’s pumpkin arrangement this year with an homage to The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West. Jess from Me Sew Crazy details all the steps and even includes a free themed printable and witch leg pattern.

Photo and idea from Me Sew Crazy. Get the how-to here.


Light Fixture Halloween Moon

Photo by Sadie Seasongoods

Got an old light fixture taking up real estate in the garage? With several simple steps, you can transform it into a piece of décor fit for your favorite windowsill. Sarah from Sadie Seasongoods shows you how to sponge-paint and clipart your way through this adorable project.

Photo and idea from Sadie Seasongoods. Get the how-to here.


Hocus Pocus Clipboard

Photo by Crafting in the Rain

With a clipboard this cute, you’ll be hard-pressed to want to use it for its intended purpose! Using materials you may already have on hand, Steph from Crafting in the Rain takes you through the process. Prop the finished product against a pumpkin or fabric backdrop for added effect.

Photo and idea from Crafting in the Rain. Get the how-to here.


Glow Stick Brooms

Photo by Northstory

Repurpose traditional party glow sticks into these adorable witches “brooms.” They make great favors or parting gifts and look particularly attractive arranged in a tray on your buffet table or sideboard. Alex from Northstory gives you the details on how to assemble them.

Photo and idea from Northstory. Get the how-to here.


Halloween in a Jar

Photo by DIY Candy

Craft a spooky tale all your own with Amy from DIY Candy’s Halloween in a Jar tutorial. For hers (a setting we think is equal parts cute and ominous), a witch perched in front of a fence with a skeleton and pumpkins lurking about in the background does the trick.

Photo and idea from DIY Candy. Get the how-to here.